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Whats up people, it been a long while didn't mean to starve y'all off the entertainment. Been busy lots of drama and hustles to attend to, including the reunion between me and my dad. Well can't promise nothing but i hope this is the beautiful beginning of the season 2 for Urban vixenz blogzine. Our guess today is none other than the lovely Puerto rican chica and adult entertainer Anita Peida, straight up she keeps it a 100 percent, she's got a great personality. She's kinna the girl next door she tells it like it. When it comes to the job she carries herself positively and professionally, she's new to the game but she's definitely not gonna stay new that long cause she's making head waves and is quickly becoming an household name. Sit tight we just about getting in and hope your zippers dun go off pow lol...

UVB: Hi Anita tell us about yourself? Where you from originally? And what was it like growing up in your neighborhood?

Anita: I am originally from New York, Puerto Rican & Black. It was fun growing up in my neighborhood, lots of friends and block parties!

UVB: Whats the best trait about you? And how would you describe your personality in five words?

Anita: My best traits are my eyes and my personality. Sexy, fun, sexual, freaky, hypnotizing ;)

UVB: Whats the biggest misconception about you?

Anita: Biggest misconception about me is that everyone thinks I'm a nice shy girl, but I really am a kinky ass freak ;)

UVB: What do you think is your best physical feature you had like to show off?

Anita: My ass..

UVB: Whats the first thing men or women compliment you for when your strutting you booty down the curbs? What part of your body do you think gets more attention from guys?

Anita: They compliment my body, My ass gets the most attention... ;)

UVB: Whats a normal day for you like? And whats one thing you wouldn't be able to go through the day without?

Anita: Normal day is getting on my computer to work, while I have my coffee, have some crazy sex, and then shop ;)

UVB: When you not in front of the cameras, lights and action what do you do to keep busy or stay relaxed?

Anita: I love to workout, so that's my relaxation, oh and shopping too...

UVB: Whats the sexiest outfit you will ever wear in public?

Anita: A sexy skirt and blouse, with some banging heels... ;)

UVB: Whats the craziest thing a fan has done to try to get your attention?

Anita: Unfortunately nothing yet, any volunteers?

UVB: What does a guy have to do to make you feel sexy?

Anita: He has to adore my body and treat me like the queen that I am.

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UVB: A man would impress you if? And whats the simplest thing that would make you happy?

Anita: A man would impress me if he is intelligent, The simplest thing that would make me happy would be money...

UVB: A man would disappoint you if?

Anita: A man would disappoint me if he ignored me..

UVB: What features do you find attractive in a man?

Anita: His smile, and his and his package :)

UVB: Is you single or taken? If taken how does your man handle the drama you get from the adult entertainment industry? And if not whats a thing or two he should know before planning date nights and getting romantic?

Anita: I am single, he should know that I don't like dates at night, and no romance...been there done that, I just want to have fun!

UVB: Whats your philosophy on love, life, sexy and relationships?

Anita: Love is not for everyone, life is what you make it & its to short to stress over stupid shit, have as much sex as you can while you can,relationships are to be handled one day at a time...

UVB: I gets where you coming from hun, been there once prolly twice....

UVB: Do you consider yourself a sexual person? When it comes to sex do you like to be in control or taken control of?

Anita: am a very, very sexual person, I've been told I am a nymph ;) I like a little of both, I like to be in control sometimes, but most of the time I like to be taken control of.

UVB: Top, bottom or doggy?

Anita: Doggy of course!!!

UVB: Would you love your ass to be squeezed, licked or spanked?

Anita: I love it all, of course!!

UVB: Do you prefer slow and sensual or quick and kinky?

Anita: Kinky, sensual and long lasting...

UVB: Do you own any toys of ahem ahem...?

Anita: I own a couple ;)

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UVB: Bedroom fantasies, turn on and turn offs? Whats your most important rule(s) of bedroom etiquette?

Anita: No bedroom fantasies, I like outdoor fun ;) Turn on kissing, turn off a cocky man...Rule of my bedroom is I need more than 1 man in it with me :)

UVB: Whats your master sex move? Whats the freakiest thing you have ever done? And whats your definition of good sex?

Anita: Sucking that dick! Freakiest thing is fucking in an adult book store. Good sex is sex that last longer than 30 mins and consist of at least 5 orgasms ;) I'm addicted to having orgasms ;)

UVB: Damn girl you hella freaky lol, hmm guess its gonna take a lot of balls to take you on

UVB: How did you get started in the adult entertainment industry? What was your experience like on your first project?

Anita: I met a couple of people at the AVN Convention In Vegas this past Jan, and the rest is history! My experience was great! I had a lot of fun, the people were great too! Thanks Bangbros!

UVB: How long have you been in the adult entertainment industry? What was your big first break and do you think that has helped in creating a better platform in your career?

Anita: I'm new, been in the game since Jan of this year. Bangbros was my first break, it did help with my career, Bangbros is a very popular site, got noticed from a lot of other sites from them

UVB: What has been some of the challenges you have encountered and how do you keep your grind on point?

Anita: No challenges yet, but i always stat focused and on my grind..

UVB: You got a lovely body physique, sexy legs, curves and butt to go with do you keep your body looking sexy? Do you hit the gym or do you just have the perfect set of genes?

Anita: I do have perfect genes, but I want my body to look more better so I joined the gym bout 2 months ago.

UVB: Tell us where we might have seen you before? And what projects should fans be on a look out for?

Anita: I've been on Bangbros, Reality kings, lesbiansistas, atkexotics, gloryholesinitiation, cumbang, grown and sexy 2, big ass cheaters 5, in the mix 2, Black ass Mother Fuckers. There are some more coming out soon...And I am doing my own website so look out for that as well...

UVB: Where can readers find you online?

Anita: My followers can find me on twitter@anitapeida, &

UVB: Where can the readers order copies of your prievous works? And how can you be contacted for bookings?

Anita: My followers can google me and get my dvds on most of the porn sites, Bookings can be done through

UVB: Final word(s) to fans?

Anita: I want to say thank you all for following me! I appreciate you all! Please keep following and tell your friends about me too!! Love you all!! Muah!!

anita peida, sexy booty, glamour models, urban vixens, blackstallions, onion butty, hella butt, xxx

Big ups Anita, thanks for the lovely interview...hope to do more follow up interviews with you later on bless.

Interview by Dani Reid

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