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Adult entertainer

Right out of Portland, Oregon former cheerleader now upcoming Latina Mexican adult entertainer Sandra Latina with an awesome body physique (36B-29-40) joins us for a chat, she was very open about herself, sexuality and her journey so far in the adult entertainment industry. I'm the girl next door, i consider myself an educated and sophisticated woman with class. with that said i also have a very naughty side that loves to bounce her 40 inches ass on a cock,loves to get fucked nice and hard --she Says.

UVB: Hi hun, how's your day? Hope it went well...umm so tell us about yourself? And what was it like growing up in your neighborhood?

Sandra: I am from Portland Oregon and I grew up a cheerleader so go figure what it was like growing

UVB: What's the best trait about you? How would you describe yourself in three words?

Sandra: My ass is my best trait about me! 3 words=HOT SASSY LATINA!

UVB: What's your zodiac sign? Do you think that plays much on your personality and relationship?

Sandra: Scorpio.

UVB: What's the biggest misconception about you?

Sandra: That I speak

bubble butt

UVB: What do you think your best physical feature(s) is? And what physical feature do you like to show off?

Sandra: I think my best feature is my behind and I love to show it off in short tight dresses!

UVB: What's the first thing men or women compliment you for when you strutting your booty down the curbs? And what part of your body do you think gets more attention from guys and of course ladies?

Sandra: I get a lot of compliments on my hair.

UVB: What's the craziest thing a fan has done to try to get your attention? And what's the best way to get your attention?

Sandra: Nothing too crazy most of my fans have had their psych

onion booty

UVB: I see you big on ass worship, role play and foot worship...umm off the cameras when it comes to sex are you more of the garter belt-pantyhose-eat-my-cakes-out femdomme or more of the sub-playmate-submissive-kinda girl?

Sandra: I am not a really specific type, more of the whatever mood I am in type of girl.

UVB: Bedroom fantasies, turn ons and turn offs? And whats your most important rule(s) of bedroom etiquette?

Sandra: I have lived them all;-)

UVB: Nice and hard or slow and sensual?

Sandra: Depends on how many martinis I have had.

UVB: Chop do you like them tools? Are you a size queen?

Sandra: Nice and thick.

UVB: Who gives the best head? A man or a woman?

Sandra: Woman.

glamour model

UVB: What's your most favorite thing to do to another female?

Sandra: Watch her go down on me.

UVB: Have you ever made a guy come fast? And what places would you like to get jizzed on?

Sandra: Once again depends on how many martinis I have had and what type of mood I am in...ranges from my ass to my mouth.

UVB: What's your definition of good sex?

Sandra: Having an orgasm....make that multiple

UVB: And what's your philosophy on a healthy relationship?

Sandra: SEX, that's the main KEY!

bikini models

UVB: Is you single or taken, Whats your dating life like? Is it difficult to find a guy that's ok with your career? And if taken, how does your squeeze handle all the attention you getting from your fans and the adult entertainment industry?

Sandra: Married.

UVB: How did you get started in the adult entertainment industry?

Sandra: Entered a contest.

UVB: What was your very first flick, what scene did you play and what was the experience like on and off set?

Sandra: My first flick was a simple strip teasing

adult model

UVB: What was your first big break? And would you say that has gone a long way in creating a better platform for you in the industry?

Sandra: and it has come A LONG way since day one.

UVB: What's your favorite scene ass-to-mouth, double penetration, girl-on-girl, fisting or anal?

Sandra: Girl on Guy or Girl on GUYS:-)

UVB: What's your signature move? And how do you prepare for a sex scene?

Sandra: Bouncing on that get to see all 40 inches of my ass bouncing up and down.

UVB: What are some of the things you enjoy most about been an adult entertainer?

Sandra: That I get to be my own boss and call the shots.

UVB: Some performers tend to scare away from black male performers, and some producers tend to pay less for scenes like that, why is that so? And what's your opinion on that?

Sandra: The way I would do it is whoever has it longer and stronger gets paid the most, SCREW the color of it;-) wink wink

Latina Sandra, sandra Latina

UVB: What projects have you been apart of? And what should the readers be looking out for in the future?

Sandra: and readers should be looking out for my video library growing, I have over 100 videos and I am just getting started!lol

UVB: Where can the readers find you online? And where can fans get tour, preview and order of your previous works?


UVB: For bookings, appearances and hosting how can you be contacted?


glamour models

Interview by Dani Reid

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