Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mixtape Premiere | Jane Nithrow presents A&R - Arts N Reality

Jane Nithrow

From being shipped from offices to offices only to be told the same lies, sold the same false dreams, misguided, misunderstood and underestimated to CEO of Seven Holdings LLC - Quality is the #1 Rule.

Native of Rhode Island, Born and raised in Providence. At a young age, Jane Nithrow fell in love with music, she kissed saxophones in the third grade, banged on drums in the sixth grade, spinned turntables.

Jane Nithrow is no freshman in the music industry, she had her first show in 2002. Tearing the stage down and had the crowd pumped and bumping they heads - Her sound and style is a bit of both worlds Arts & Reality packed with message and delivery.

She has been bringing down the house on stages with her electrificing fireworks hype and raw stage performance with her group A - LIST, you recently might have heard of her killing the I'm Ill beat on Jay's Mixtape

And her first official music video Ten Paces and recently the release of her first street album A&R(Art & Reality) Hosted by Mr Peter Parker - DJ, Radio Personality and Radio Host on Shady 45.

Ms Jane has support from music artists such as Alicia Keys who pulled her over at her album release party and said "You got it, don't let no one tell you different, you just gotta do it" she says - She goes on to say My style is not to be boxed in. I rap fast, slow, sexy and hard. I deliver a message. Sometimes, i just say ignorant shit. I am a story teller and can punch line rhyme. My voice is my trademark!

Jane Nithrow
A&R (Arts & Reality) - Click on Image to download

Pen to paper, still in the booths perfecting her craft - you can get more updates, tour dates, download and album releases on her Facebook and on twitter @JaneNithrow

For bookings, features, cameos, interviews, media and press you can hit her up on Janenithrowseven@gmail.com

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Monday, June 11, 2012

EyeCandy Spotlight | Booty Of The Day - BabiiDoll Diaz

sweet chocolate big phat booty

BabiiDoll Diaz - The bubbly personality that loves to WOW you with amazing pictures.

She is very creative, open to ideas and might throw ideas out as well when it comes to flaunting her 5' 2", 114 lbs, 36-27-37B mexican tanned exotic body in front of the Cameras.

The mexican native was born in Mexico, raised and currently still lives in Houston TX.

BabiiDoll Diaz also known as Maleny is no stranger to the modeling industry - Ms Diaz has been working the sets and posing for the cameras since she was 17.

Introduced into modeling by a friend, and since then BabiiDoll Diaz has knocked out a few car shows, local events, videos, photoshoots under her belt while continously expanding her crafts.

Currently in talks to appear on 2 Raw's music video ( 2 Raw - Local Houston Hip Hop Artist) name unconfirmed, a single of his mixtape FANTAS, FATTIES N FLOWS

BabiiDoll the fun easy to work with, bubbly personality and yet ambitious and creative model fancies working her ass off till she has made it right to the top - literally i mean, don't confuse that you pervs lol.

Ms. Diaz is interested in glamour, swimwear, lingerie, bodypaint, promotional modeling, spokesperson/host and implied NO NUDES

For bookings, features, event hosting, appearances and cameos. You can contact her via babiidolldiaz@yahoo.com.

Wanna know more about BabiiDoll Diaz - you can find her on Facebook via facebook.com/WeLoveBabiiDoll and on twitter @babiidolldiaz.

Scroll down for more pictures - click to enlarge

chocolate honey buttsthick tight bootyglamour modelsglamour models gone bad

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