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L.A. Confidential | Erikah Liu - LA's best kept secret

sexy asian girls tits and ass

Po Po Po its your booty patrol friendly neighborhood officer. Cupped me sum hot exotic asian lotus with a beauty as rare as the cherry blossoms. No worries nobody snitched lol, Our sexy blasian inmate here goes by the name of Erikah Liu also known as Dulce Liu. Erikah Liu is a professional ballet/modern and hip hop dancer, Erikah is also a model and aspiring actress. Ms. Liu loves the glits and glam, works the scene any chance she gets to be in front of the camera. Showcasing her lovely soft golden bronze exotic skin and curvy body. Erikah is not your average asian college girl, this filipina asian model is a military brat. Built to tackle any challenge, pretty on the eyes...lord knows am a sucker for asian girls for they cat slit kim impossible sexy eyes. But that isn't what caught my attention, i guess like the cameras i was simply blown away by her pose and swag. She carries herself with such grace i haven't seen for a while now, i mean she acts like a lady but think like a man. If that ain't swag ion know what is lol, on the reals tho she down to earth, easy going and eats up any task life dishes at her. She says i am the definition of fun, i can rock any shoot..i love photography i love the process of capturing art and expresing it. Am always down for modeling gigs, photo shoots, magazine features, prints, editorials, commercials, music video appearances, event hosting, movie auditions and casting calls - She says. Erikah stands at a 5' 4", weight 125 lbs, with a measurement stat of 34B-24-38, black long hair. A piercing and a few tattoos and currently resides in California.

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You can find Erikah Liu on twitter @shesdulceliu. For booking contact her on 818-531-1906 or

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- Posted by Marc Jenro.

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Monday, April 16, 2012


sexiest eyecandy glamour models
Nona Malone is a published model and exotic dancer, she has been modeling close to about a year now or more. New face in the game but definitely becoming an household name, if you ain't know her you prolly be living under a rock. Her claim to fame i would prolly say was when worldstarhiphop dropped a video of her claimin to be one of gucci mane's ex girlfriends. Don't know how true that is but if there's something they both share is love for ice cream tats lol, Usted sabe cuando ese camión de helados viene alrededor de los bloques, y todo lo que quiero hacer es tener algunas de las crema chocolate. Culo de nona hace que te quiera tener un poco de crema de chocolate...mira esas nalgas, lol. In her spare time she loves dancing, she loves been in front of the camera and she's very photogenic with lovely exotic dominican curves, cute butt cheeks, prolly the spitting image of Nona the roman goddess.

Real Name: Nicole Milburn

Born: Bertha, MN

Current city: Detroit, MI

Ethnicity: Mixed

Nationality: American

Measurement: 38DD-28-49

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 165 lbs

Body Type: Average

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair: Black (Long)

Experience: Experienced


» acting

» Dance

» editorial

» Glamour

» Lingerie

»Adult Model

» Pin up

» Promotional modeling

» Spokesperson/Host


  • Straight Stunnin' Magazine
  • F.E.D.S magazine
  • Skin tones magazine
  • Worldstarhiphop eyecandy model
  • Dondiva

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    dominican hip hop modelsmusic video girlship hop honeys40 inch plus bubble butts
    onion bootybooty glamour

    - Marc Jenro

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    Friday, April 6, 2012


    hip hop music video models

    Shay Monet is an haitian American from Boston. Shay Monet is one of the few realest peoples i have had the priviledge of chatting with lately. She's all sweet haribo chocolate, hard caramel toffee with milk chocolate on the inside and highly motivated. Shay Monet took her claim to modeling in 2010 and has been seen on music videos for some of the local artists in Boston, the likes of Byggz Hustlemen - Freak music video, Raymon Jamez Ft Mike Anthonii - Proskillz and Ernest Efficial Dudley - i love you coming soon. The world is probably on the brink of discovering the next world wonder so look out for this star on the rise..

    Hey, its good to have you with us again. Whats been happening since our previous blog feature with you?

    I've been working on few upcoming projects such as shoots and my eyecandy videos, networking with many people around the world. I also am working on getting my site up as well.

    Sorry that i got to ask the obvious question, just for the benefits of the readers could you tell us about yourself? Where you from originally and what was it like growing up in your neighborhood?

    I go by the name Shay Monet', Im Haitian-American and from Boston, MA. I live in Mattapan which is located in Boston. Boston is a pretty small place everyone somehow is connected. Either people know you, heard of you etc. It reminds me of a very small version of NYC

    What's the best trait about you? And how would you best describe your personality?

    My best trait is I'm flexible, I make the worst situation into something better. I try not to be bothered by any situation especially if i received bad news. I always try to make a bad situation beneficial at all times. It just makes me more motivated and make me have more ambition to get to where I want to be.
    Best way to describe my personality is i'm open-minded, strong-will, funny, and a sweetheart.

    What's the biggest misconception about you?

    People think I'm a porn star, stuck-up. People also feel as though as I'm not to doing anything positive or I'm not going to make it.

    What's one thing you can't go through the day without? And when you not in front of the cameras working a shoot or a scene, what do you do to stay relaxed or busy?

    My iphone 4 ..kind of my second life lol, I normally infront of my laptop networking and promoting myself.

    What do you think your best physical feature(s) is? And what features do you like to show off?

    My body is my best feature. I like to show off my chest.

    What's the sexiest outfit you will wear in public?

    I wore a black dress to a club, the whole sides were cut off. Im not talking see through. I mean literally you can see my sides. So I guess you can say something like that. Iol

    big booty hip hop dimes

    What's the first thing men or women compliment you for when you strutting your booty down the curbs? And what part of your body do you think gets more attention from guys?

    From both men and women, I will say my hair. I will say my face catches the guys attention and they work their eyes down lol

    Lol they had be blind not to...What's the craziest thing a fan has done to try to get your attention? And what's the best way to get your attention?

    The craziest thing I would say is somehow a fan followed me home and was like ..your Shay Monet' from fb. etc. Dude really followed me home. There's no best way to approach me really, I guess it depends on how I'm feeling and where my minds at.

    A man would impress you if? And what's the simplest thing that can make you happy

    His effort was at 100% . The simplest thing that can make me happy is being able to be real on how you really feel and your intentions.

    What's your philosophy on life, love, sex and relationship?

    Life shouldn't be taken too serious where your upset to the point to do something you can regret..we all are temporary in life.
    Love just happens, so don't look for it and it can break you and make you depending on you. Sex is one of the dominant keys in life. Relationship is

    What's your definition of a healthy relationship? And when it comes to relationships whats one thing you had wish your man would pay attention to?

    A healthy relationship is being the same person they met because thats who they like or fell in love with, dont change yourself in a relationship with exceptions of the rules of being in a relationship. One thing I wished he paid attention to was my feelings.

    A Lil word association game, say the first thing that comes to
    mind, Try not to stare at?

    me too much lol

    Something cool about having boobs?

    It can be used as a powerful tool lol

    big tits and asses

    I am too sexy for my?


    Favorite lingerie?

    anything with garters and thigh high stockings ;)

    My most recent wardrobe malfunction was?

    I went to a video shoot with a one piece and forgot my bottoms, its always good to bring more than one outfit.

    My secret weapon is?

    It's a secret for a reason lol

    Favorite drink?

    Barcadi Hurricane

    If i could have a tattoo now, it would be?

    Symbolizing my paths and choices I have made

    I am completely freaked out about?

    Losing someone

    Is you single or taken! If taken how does your man handle the
    attention you get from the entertainment industry? And if not what
    attributes and features do you look for in man?

    Im single.

    Do you consider yourself a very sexual person? When it comes to
    sex are you more into the hot steamy sweaty hard and nice or your more
    into cuddles and kisses?

    Yes i am very sexual. I'm into has to be both!

    Bedroom fantasies, kinks, fetish, turn ons, turn offs. And
    what's your most important rule(s) of bedroom etiquette?

    He has to be clean! Shower before hand is always best lol
    Turn offs, someone who's quick and doesn't take his time. I dont have fantasies I make them reality

    When, why and how did you get into modeling? And when did you
    start seeing it as less of a hobby and more of a profession?

    I started taking it serious a few months ago. Two years ago I did it for fun. But I have set goals and plans for myself and thats how I made it more of my profession.

    What was your experience like on your first shoot?

    I was nervous in a room with a photographer who I just met, you can't trust to many people in the industry.

    People tend to think modeling is all abc, but they never
    recognize the blood, sweat, tears and work put into it to reach the
    desired results. Can you tell us some of the challenging moments and
    how do you keep your grind on point?

    My challenging moments were the negative comments or feedbacks I read or someone tells me. Imagine you doing something and all someone can do is hate. But that keeps me grinding even more, you know. How many of these people can say there doing something they love and getting paid well for it.

    You have been seen on Byggz Hustlemen's freak music video, Raymon
    Jamez Ft Mike Anthonii's Proskillz music video. What other projects
    have you been a part of?

    I worked with a group called The Brand on there single D&H. Also with another artist Efficial Dudley. This month is going to be even bigger, alot of things are in the works!

    Some models tend to do breathing exercises before a shoot, some
    other watch their diets week before and some others are just always
    camera ready. Do you sorta like have a special routine or it just
    comes all natural?

    I watch what I eat a few days before

    40inch plus hip hop video models

    Where can readers connects with you online to get constant
    updates about you?

    Well you can like my fb fan page and Im always in the works of my site. and

    For bookings, features and appearances how can you be contacted?

    Final word(s) for your fans.

    Thanks for all the support I love you guys and to the haters your my #1 fan lol
    Look out for more!!

    Thanks for all the support I love you guys and to the haters your my #1 fan lol Look out for more!!

    Interview by Dani Reid

    Posted by Jessica Floyd

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    hip hop rap models

    When i received a model submission for Veeta Venom, if it ain't an established fact yet. Let it be know i go big on music, so seeing she raps too i was ok let see what tha chica gat. Popped in on her profile - She says "music is my passion; when i am rapping do not talk to me because i can never pick up where i left off and thats because i am so into what i'm saying". And i was like thats sick, that got me hooked. So i had hit up her videos to see if she's not just all hiss and no spits. Boy was i wrong, hell this sexy viper does gat venom, her lyrics will totally burn through your soul. Veeta Venom also know as Swalay is an unsigned artist from Maryland. She also models, dances, sings and of course rap. She has performed in Capitol Heights, Washington DC, and New York, she's currently in the studio working on a new mixtape. Keep a look out for this hot new talent bruh ahhh..What nah its not a wrap yet, stick around we just getting started...

    First of, what inspired the name veeta venom aka swalay?

    Well veeta is half of my first name and I've had photographers tell me my work was poison, so i took it and made "venom" veeta venom & Swalay is my rap name, That i've had for years. My cousin called me that before he passed.

    Tell us about yourself? Where you from originally? And what was it like growing up in your neigbhorhood?

    I am originally born in Washington DC, But my roots are from San Salvador El Salvador. & I grew up in between MD, DC and VA And it was pretty fun and wild growing up being as though I moved around alot.

    hip hop booty

    You had a difficult time growing up, how would you say this has influenced your music?

    The only problem I had growing up was my mom. & her decisions, and her ways made me stronger, but also gave me a pain to talk about. & it cries to get out when I hear beats.

    When your not on stage performing or in the booth recording, what do you do to stay relaxed or busy?

    I go for a run around my neighborhood, Hang out with my friends, sometimes write some more music, or book a photoshoot. I tend to have another good talent at keeping myself busy lol

    What separates your sound from the other masses of new emcees? How would you describe your style and sound?

    I would say i'm just all around different. I'm very unique and soulful. I speak of nothing but true facts and I talk about real life situations that my fans can relate to. My style is the definition of impossible, and my sound is an addiction.

    big booty rap models

    Who are your biggest artistic influences and why?

    Drake; He's a monster on the beats. He uses his words so perfectly and hes very touching with his lyrics.

    Drake a monster? Lol definitelly agree with you that one...Your lyrics are very heartfelt and often painful but can definitelly feel the message in there. One of the reasons i fell in love with hip hop was mainly because of the message, which seems to be fading rather quickly, i can't feel that much passion no more lately people all on that party hype shit. Now most artist more about the digits and not really about the lyrics, like drake said "...back when if a nigga reached it was for the weapon nowadays niggas reach just to sell they records". Whats your opinion on that? Do you think its healthy for hip hop?

    I think drake hit it on the nose. That's funny to I just answered drake for my last question lol. But Hip hop is definitely not what it used to be. To many of the wrong artists is out here making it, & 3 years later on life after o_O Like you got real raw talent out here willing to do what evers necessary to be big and keep it that way.

    Drake a monster? Yeah i can agree on that, he one of my favorite. How important is it to you that your fans can relate to the message in your music?
    It is very important too me for my fans to be able to relate to my message in my music, everybody is a book with his story to tell. & i'm not really into being read. I'm more into being figured out.

    big booty rap models

    Are there any other current female MCs who you're inspired by or you had compare yourself to at the moment?

    YES myself.

    Lol word i feel you that one, Nicki Minaj's lines just came to my head "Hi, How are you? Yes its nice to meet me.." Which artists would you most like to collaborate with in the future?

    I would definitely collaborate with chris brown he's very talented, Drake of course, And Kelly rowland.

    As an artist what materials have you put out so far? And whats the reception like on youtube, amazon or itunes?

    Well right now I'm in the process of recording my first mixtape and i've been taking my time due to personal reasons. But I have two songs on youtube, And soon to be more. Just stay tuned.

    phat ass bubble booty hip  hop honeys

    Which song have you released so far would you say has been the most gratifying for your career?

    I did a remake to T-pains Go hard instrumental. And It's called ROLL STRONG on youtube by I VEETAVENOMM

    You have performed in Capitol Heights, New York and Washington DC, what was your experience like?

    The experience was nice. Very live, and soo much love. There is no Love like New York Love though. Everybody everywhere I've been have showed me #BigLove

    What's the most significant component of your performance you bring to each show?

    My brother. He's the perfect hype man and great coach.

    hip hop video models

    Are you working on any projects at the moment? If so, what or who with?

    Yes I am actually. I'm recording my first mixtape and Writing my first album. I'm Starting a poster collection of myself & creating a DVD

    When it's all said and done how would you like your lyrics to make impact on your fans?

    It will touch down hard on everybody. I know and feel that my music will make a difference.

    Where can the readers connect with you online to get constant updates, tour dates and downloads?

    Everybody can FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER @veetavenomm

    For booking, media and press how would can you be contacted?

    Final words to fans?


    Interview by Dani Reid

    Posted by Jessica Floyd
    Model Submission @briscoe3stack

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    Tuesday, April 3, 2012


    big oily wet bubble butts in thongs
    Coffe brown with her perfectly sculpted body, gorgeous looks and playful personaility, open-minded "party girl" she is the kind of girl who can be most easily summed up in one word "Wow". She's a lady who wears many different hats, she's quick witted, lingerie queen, she loves to travel and have fun. She loves to dance and a sexy exotic dancer at that. She says " I have been modeling part time for about sometime now. I love the industry and can't wait to grow even more. I am an exotic dancer and do features at numerous clubs nationwide with various xxx film stars. I know i have what it takes and don't plan on stopping here.

    Name: Coffee Brown

    Born: San Diego, CA

    Current city: Atlanta, GA

    Ethnicity: African American

    Nationality: American

    Measurement: 34B-27-43

    Height: 5' 7"

    Weight: 155 lbs

    Body Type: Athletic, curvy

    Eye Color: Brown

    Hair: Black(Long)

    Experience: Experienced


    » Dancing

    » Music Videos

    » Glamour

    » Lingerie

    » Promotional Modeling



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    big onion booty in thongs TGPbig booty black girlshot butts and huge round assessexy ass modes with big booty
    big black booty gifsthick phat ghetto bootybig round and brown asses

    Posted by Dani Reid

    Model Submission done by Marc "Tha booty watcher" Jenro

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    sexy and curvy ebony girls with big booty
    Jaki Nycole tha triple threat, beauty, booty and boobs. Nycole is a published model with great all natural cocoa body complexion, natural 38F boobs and sexy big bubble butt. She says "Jaki Nycole is looking to be a boss in the modeling game and eventually guide models in the right direction with a modeling group i created Eyecandi Elite which is to show the world the better side of models and let the people know that they do more than just take pictures.

    Real Name: Jackie Baker

    Born: Arizona

    Current city: Largo, MD

    Ethnicity: African American

    Nationality: American

    Measurement: 38F-28-40

    Height: 5' 5"

    Weight: 150 lbs

    Body Type: Average

    Eye Color: Brown

    Hair: Black(Long)

    Experience: Experienced


  • Cover Model Vixens Magazine RED HOT VIXENS Issue (Feb 2012)
  • Stunnaz Magazine (Aug 2011)
  • Cherri Colada Magazine (March 2011)
  • Blockz Magazine (April 2011)
  • The Getaway by Big G aka Slim Charles Ft. Kyonte & Los


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    big round ass and heavy tits in bikinisexy hip hop vixenship hop models 40 inch plus bubble butts
    big ass and big titsbig booty brown babe

    Posted by Dani Reid

    Model Submission done by Briscoe 3 Stacks(DMVFLOW)

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    Monday, April 2, 2012


    high end womens couture wear

    Eva Danielle Wittels is the President and CEO of Eva Danielle Inc, a high end women's fashion line. A mix of couture style and casual wears, the fushion of elegance andsex appeal. Eva's travels has allowed her to experience and appreciate the uniqueness of other cultures and their custom, the harmonious symmetry of architecture. Which are evidently seen on her designs. These inspirations manifest as lush colors and fine thread tightly woven into fabrics. Its first collection was released in August 2005, Eva Danielle's designs have been seen on celebrities and personalities like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Janice Dickinson, Model Iryna Storochuk, Sindy Perez, Michelle Delamor of American Idol Season 9, Aida Touihri "the amazing métropole 6 prime time anchor at vogue fashion celebration in Paris. The GoGo's and featured in television programs like the Janice Dickinson show, Bravo, Deco, Drive, The Simple Life, Make a wish foundation, The Bad Girls Club, and loads of fashion publications. I was priviledged to come across her profile page on modelmayhem, and i got caught up with the arrays of lush colors and artisteque designs. Exchanged some few emails and here we are. Alright grap your sketch pads cause we going in...

    Tell us about yourself? How did you get into fashion illustration?

    I am actually in fashion design but, i learned fashion illustration in

    When did you discover the creative side of yourself? Did you have
    formal training or your self taught?

    I had formal training . I attended the School of The Art Institute of Chicago.

    How did you get started in fashion? And what has been the most
    difficult part about making Eva Danielle Clothing successful?

    I started fashion when i attended school, I have always loved art but didn't discover where in the arts i wanted to be. The most difficult part
    of the fashion industry is trying to meet every deadline.

    Is Eva Danielle Inc a one woman operation or do you have a team behind its success?

    No. I have a team, and my team is even more special because my business partner is my brother.

    What attracts you to being a fashion designer? How long have you been working as a clothing designer? And what do you enjoy most about been a clothing designer?

    What attracted me to be a fashion designer is to create something that everyone could wear and express themselves through fashion . I have been working as a fashion designer since 2004. The best thing i enjoy about being a fashion designer is to be able to have my creations worn all over the world.

    Where do you get your inspirations from? Fashion magazines, been that you have nationwide stores in US, the Middle East and Asia. Do you get your inspiration from this diverse cultures or does the concept just come to you naturally?

    I get my inspirations from different cultures. I like the different fabrics, and traditions.

    sexy girl in a upscale fashion

    What's the difference between a sexy girl in a dress and a girl in a sexy dress?

    I think a sexy dress makes every girl feel sexy.

    When building up a concept and constructing patterns do you use computer aided designs or your more the traditional pencil sketch designs type?

    I do traditional sketching and then draping on the mannequin. I do use computers for grading my sizes.

    Do you take full participation in the production process of the clothing piece? Like from the sketch pads to the selection of fabric and colors, to the creation of patterns and cuts and to the final detail?

    I am the person who is in charge of overseeing every step of the production process. I create the sketches then create the pattern, correct the
    pattern, grade the pattern, and manufacture the dress.

    How long does it usually take you to construct a piece?

    it takes a few days

    What's your favorite part about conceptualizing a design?

    i like choosing the fabrics

    When your designing a piece what matters to you most?

    details are the most important

    high fashion models

    When it comes to fashion shows, catalog shots and runway gigs which models would you like wearing your designs? And how do you select your models?

    I have a specific model i always use for my campaigns. She wears my clothes really well, and she is a great representative of the brand.
    Catalog shots and runway i always choose great girls. They have to have
    great attitudes and be beautiful people, not just a great face.

    You serve a wide range of lush colors and sexy designs; how do you put the choosen colors together?

    That takes me a lot of time , i love choosing prints and colors that i feel are timeless.

    How do you intend women to feel when wearing your clothing?

    I want them to feel special and creative.

    What's your philosophy about fashion? And what's your everyday go to look?

    My philosohpy about fashion is to create yourself...A great long skirt with a tank top and black heels!

    When a woman is looking for something suitable to wear, how should they choose the outfit most suitable for them? And how can they determine the best accessories to go along with the dress?

    You choose a dress that fits your body type . always remember that your accessories match your handbag and shoes.

    What are the top three vesatile wardrobe piece you believe every woman should own?

    They should have a great jacket, black dress, and stillettos!

    fashion models

    You clothes have been seen on Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Janice Dickinson, your have been featured in Match Magazine, Miami Life magazine. fashion chicago magazine and norminee for SFMA Manufacturer of the year. What should fashionistas and shoppers expect to see more this year from the racks and shelves of Eva Danielle Inc?

    I will be moving into Asia, and the Middle East, and expanding into a few more markets.

    How can the readers find your collections online? And how can you be contacted?

    My website is my contact is

    Final word to the readers?

    love fashion!

    fashion modelssexy hot fashion wears

    Posted by Dani Reid

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