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We in the 305, spending the valentine day celebration with the lovely Miami eyecandy dimepiece Cartiss Brown, Cartiss Brown is an overrall package she's got the beauty, brains and body, she models, acts, dances and has been featured on lots of tv series like The Glades episodes 2, 3, 11; Burn notice Episodes 411, 415. Cartiss has also casted along other stars in movies like Tony Tango, Planeta Desconocido, and commercials like Pepsi Promo as an extra, Eyecandytv as an actress. She has also made video appearances on Highs and lows music video by Mayday featuring Ace hood, Cookie Cutter & topless music video by Pretty Ricky, cant sleep music video by J Randall featuring Tpain. Join us on the tour bus to find out more about Cartiss brown...

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UVB: Tell us about yourself? Where are you from originally? And what was it like growing up in your neighborhood?

Cartiss: Born and raised in Miami, FL, with an American background I became a very
hardworking, reliable, dedicated, humble and easy to work with lady. No diva here and I'm a team player. I love to work hard and have fun. I think i have to overall package, brains, and beauty. Already having a degree in Biology, I want to pursue my dreams as a Physician Assistant as well as a well known model. Modeling, acting, and dancing has been a dream for me and i'm trying to live that dream everyday. Growing up in my neighborhood I was the hot spot everybody would come to my neighborhood to chill, hang out and to play basketball, bounce ball and etc.

UVB: What inspired you into modeling, dancing and acting? How did you get started in all three careers?

Cartiss: I always had the passion for it.. I've been dancing since I was younger. Modeling started when I had my first photo shoot and it just took off from there. My first acting gig was working on a mardi gras casino commercial

UVB: How long have you been modeling, dancing and acting?

Cartiss: Modeling (one year) dancing (16 years) Acting (6months)

UVB: I seen you done a lot of movie projects, tv projects, music videos, promotional projects...umm what was your first big WOW break? What was the experience like and do you think that accelerated your career as a model, dancer and actress?

Cartiss: I honestly don't think that I've received that first big WOW break yet but I feel it coming!!

glamour models

UVB: When your not in front of the cameras, lights and actions...what do you do?

Cartiss: Medical Laboratory Technologist

UVB: Whats one thing you cant go through the day without?

Cartiss: My cell phone

UVB: Whats the first impression/thing men or women compliment you for when your strutting your booty down the streets? Whats the part of your body that gets more attention from guys?

Cartiss: My eyes and my butt

UVB: Suppose i were tryna get with you, how do i get attention?

Cartiss: Just approach me and be a gentlemen.. chivalry always wins

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UVB: Whats the most special thing a guy has done to win you over?

Cartiss: Be himself.. Apporach me the right me introduce himself.. shook my hand.. etc..

UVB: Do you consider yourself a sexual person? And whats your sexual weak spot?

Cartiss: Umm I would say when I'm in a relationship and we've gotten to that point yes i'm a sexual person.

UVB: When it comes to sex do you like to be in control or taken control of? What is your favorite sexual position?

Cartiss: All of them are my favorite I don't discriminate and it really all depends i'm very spontaneous when it comes to sex

UVB: Truth or dare, have you ever broken up with someone just to have make up sex?

Cartiss: No

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UVB: Is you single or taken? How does your man handle the drama you get from modeling? And if not how would react supposing you was dating someone who couldn't deal with all that?

Cartiss: If they can't deal with what i'm doing or have insecurities they aren't strong enough to be with me anyways. I have very little time for games, drama or confusion. So with that being said I'm single.. LOL

UVB: The biggest misconception about me...?

Cartiss: That you can't approach me and ask me anything.

UVB: Love me or hate me, i always...?

Cartiss: Am always going to be honest

UVB: What features do you find attractive in a guy? What turns you on and off?

Cartiss: A confident guy with a gorgeous smile. Smart can hold a conversation well and can keep a smile on my face

UVB: Whats your guilty pleasure you cant live without?

Cartiss: Cheeseburgers

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UVB: Some athletes do breathing exercises before the game, some people take a 5 hour energy drink before the meeting, how do you get ready for a big shoot? Is there a special ritual you have?

Cartiss: I don't do any special rituals... I may workout out right before a shoot

UVB: You have made appearances on Highs and lows music video by Mayday featuring Ace hood, Cookie Cutter & topless music video by Pretty Ricky, cant sleep music video by J Randall featuring Tpain alongside acting scenes on the glades TV series episodes 2, 3, 11, Burn notice TV series episodes 411, 415 and movies like Planeta Desconocido, Tony tango just to mention a few. Which of them was your most favorite? And what was your experience like on and off set?

Cartiss: Working on the Glades was awesome, and I would say the MayDay Ace hood video because it was at Boomers and we got to ride all the games we want and ride the bumber cars

UVB: What other projects have you worked on? What should your fans and the readers be on a look out for?

Cartiss: Stay tuned!! I want to keep it a surprise

UVB: Where can you be found online?

Cartiss: on twitter you can follow me @CartissB or add me on facebook and fanpage

UVB: Final words to fans?

Cartiss: Thank you so much for taking the time out to learn a little bit more about me and my passion. I appreciate you!!

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