Saturday, November 17, 2012

Video Premiere | YOHH

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Sunday, November 4, 2012


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Artist Spotlight | Brandon Todd

hip hop artist

Brandon Todd is an hip hop artist born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Son of Bridget and Michael Todd.

Growing up in NYC, i've seen a lot through a child's eye, but smart enough to stray away from negative influences. I was your typical kid growing in the apple, played on the block and in the local parks and video games.

What music means to me, it means everything to me. I can't live without it, music is a drug i feel like, addictive and can be very powerful if used correctly. Music to me is a release of emotions in its purest and most creative form i'd say, next to dance.

I always toyed with the idea of being a rapper, from beating on tables in school and rapping with friends came my pursuit for rap as a career, and around 2009 was when i officially said okay i want to pursue rap as a career - Brandon Todd.

Currently out with 3 singles from his debut mixtape titled "3". You can catch up with more updates on Brandon Todd on facebook via B.Todd and on twitter @_BTodd
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Monday, September 10, 2012

Urban Vixenz Magazine | UVM talks music with Miss Kia

sexy hot rapper singer Miss Kia

If the current state of tha hip hop culture and music scene was to pop a question mark, my guess would be Miss Kia would be one of the answers.

Miss Kia formally known as Ketie Paul, daughter of both haitian parents. Originally from LauderHill Florida, grew up in a secluded home where every sunday they attended church as christians.

She also went on to reveal that she's very outgoing, straight forward, someone to get along with and fun. We tried to open up some carribean patois conversation, well that was a failed venture lol...Jah Bless she soul though.

During the course of our interview with her, we got to learn that she's a huge fan of abstract art, she loved poetry, loved to sing, rap, dance, act and also learned she's an inspiring motivational speaker.

She also told us about her attraction to music - my attraction to music is the effect it can have on people. For instance, when i'm sad, i can just play a specific song and it'll change my mood, or if i'm happy i can play something to keep me in that same mood. Music has such an impact on peoples lives and i wanna make an impact on peoples as well...i wanna be that person that someone listens to when they're feeling down. I wanna be that person that when someone is going through a tough time and feel as they feel like they have a shoulder to cry on while listening to my songs...i want people to relate to my songs and understand that they are not alone.

We also got to talking more on about her sound and style of music, the projects she's worked on and what other projects she got in pipelines for production soon

..........I don't know about summa y'all but i does feels a times when i get my headphones on, listening to some of the tracks of late. I always get that feeling like there's something missing. When i'm not tryna cum on the canvas subliminally speaking *coughes* i know them pervs was already like oh no dude didn't just say that lol...i'm always in tha street corners looking for narcs to heal my fix. When my blood get hyper i always looking for some insulin to get the flow down and that my friend is music, so i know what i'm talking about. I go big on that music shit, balls deep in her.

So i got to ask Miss Kia - Lately in my opinion i think the hip hop culture be missing out on that realness, lyricism and the message you know like back in the days of Guru, KRS One, Lauryn Hill and lots more. These days emerging artist just about that money, it's like they in it for the fame and money and not really putting much out there what people can relate to. Am i right or am i right? What's your take on the current hip hop culture and music scene?

And she responded saying " You know what? i totally agree with you. There are so many wanna be artist out there that are chasing fame rather than doing it because it's their passion and it makes me sick. But i on the other hand am not one of those artist. I don't want fame, i rather not be in the spotlight...i've been writing since the age of 9 so this is no joke to me. I take music very seriously....i live, breathe and sleep music off course money is going to come along with it which is a plus, but that's not the reason why i choose to be an artist. Music to me is more than jotting down a few words on paper and recording it for people to hear. Music has to have meaning it has to tell a story! And my music does just that, it makes you feel a certain way. It makes you think, it's something you can listen to and be able to feel where i'm coming from. I don't just do it for fun, or for popularity, i do it because is my life!!

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