Saturday, November 17, 2012

Video Premiere | YOHH

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Sunday, November 4, 2012


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Artist Spotlight | Brandon Todd

hip hop artist

Brandon Todd is an hip hop artist born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Son of Bridget and Michael Todd.

Growing up in NYC, i've seen a lot through a child's eye, but smart enough to stray away from negative influences. I was your typical kid growing in the apple, played on the block and in the local parks and video games.

What music means to me, it means everything to me. I can't live without it, music is a drug i feel like, addictive and can be very powerful if used correctly. Music to me is a release of emotions in its purest and most creative form i'd say, next to dance.

I always toyed with the idea of being a rapper, from beating on tables in school and rapping with friends came my pursuit for rap as a career, and around 2009 was when i officially said okay i want to pursue rap as a career - Brandon Todd.

Currently out with 3 singles from his debut mixtape titled "3". You can catch up with more updates on Brandon Todd on facebook via B.Todd and on twitter @_BTodd
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Monday, September 10, 2012

Urban Vixenz Magazine | UVM talks music with Miss Kia

sexy hot rapper singer Miss Kia

If the current state of tha hip hop culture and music scene was to pop a question mark, my guess would be Miss Kia would be one of the answers.

Miss Kia formally known as Ketie Paul, daughter of both haitian parents. Originally from LauderHill Florida, grew up in a secluded home where every sunday they attended church as christians.

She also went on to reveal that she's very outgoing, straight forward, someone to get along with and fun. We tried to open up some carribean patois conversation, well that was a failed venture lol...Jah Bless she soul though.

During the course of our interview with her, we got to learn that she's a huge fan of abstract art, she loved poetry, loved to sing, rap, dance, act and also learned she's an inspiring motivational speaker.

She also told us about her attraction to music - my attraction to music is the effect it can have on people. For instance, when i'm sad, i can just play a specific song and it'll change my mood, or if i'm happy i can play something to keep me in that same mood. Music has such an impact on peoples lives and i wanna make an impact on peoples as well...i wanna be that person that someone listens to when they're feeling down. I wanna be that person that when someone is going through a tough time and feel as they feel like they have a shoulder to cry on while listening to my songs...i want people to relate to my songs and understand that they are not alone.

We also got to talking more on about her sound and style of music, the projects she's worked on and what other projects she got in pipelines for production soon

..........I don't know about summa y'all but i does feels a times when i get my headphones on, listening to some of the tracks of late. I always get that feeling like there's something missing. When i'm not tryna cum on the canvas subliminally speaking *coughes* i know them pervs was already like oh no dude didn't just say that lol...i'm always in tha street corners looking for narcs to heal my fix. When my blood get hyper i always looking for some insulin to get the flow down and that my friend is music, so i know what i'm talking about. I go big on that music shit, balls deep in her.

So i got to ask Miss Kia - Lately in my opinion i think the hip hop culture be missing out on that realness, lyricism and the message you know like back in the days of Guru, KRS One, Lauryn Hill and lots more. These days emerging artist just about that money, it's like they in it for the fame and money and not really putting much out there what people can relate to. Am i right or am i right? What's your take on the current hip hop culture and music scene?

And she responded saying " You know what? i totally agree with you. There are so many wanna be artist out there that are chasing fame rather than doing it because it's their passion and it makes me sick. But i on the other hand am not one of those artist. I don't want fame, i rather not be in the spotlight...i've been writing since the age of 9 so this is no joke to me. I take music very seriously....i live, breathe and sleep music off course money is going to come along with it which is a plus, but that's not the reason why i choose to be an artist. Music to me is more than jotting down a few words on paper and recording it for people to hear. Music has to have meaning it has to tell a story! And my music does just that, it makes you feel a certain way. It makes you think, it's something you can listen to and be able to feel where i'm coming from. I don't just do it for fun, or for popularity, i do it because is my life!!

Still on that hunnid barz and running catch more of this interview here

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Urban Vixenz Magazine | UVM features Lady Chanel

Big Booty Lady Chanel

At dah altar of Lady Chanel, reading from the books of Tiffany Patterson

Tiffany Patterson popularly known as Lady Chanel, the 5' 1" 123 lbs eyecandy model talked about her growing up. She says " I am from a small city in the state of Florida, Deerfield beach my family moved to Pompano Beach and when i was old enough i moved to Fort Lauderdale Florida which is only 15 minutes away from miami. Growing up in both DeerField and Pompano was no easy task with the cities being so small everyone knew everyone and if you were not popular you had no my parents always kept me very busy growing up i was a cheerleader all of my life up to college and ran track as well attended church sunday through sunday ugh...but i wouldn't change any of it for the world".

Some people got dreams but they just too lazy to turn those visions into reality, but can't say the same about Lady Chanel she has always strived to be a trendsetter, always staying out of that box and standing out. Modeling was never her dream, it just took a shoot and the dream was implanted and the vision was born.

She says "modeling is something i stumbled into. It was never my dream growing up as a little girl. I was at my homeboy's studio one day who just happened to be a photographer, who dared me to shoot a couple of shots...i did and fell in love with the image i saw and i have been hooked ever since. That was back in 2009 who would have

She also talked about her experience on her first shoot and how grown she's gotten since then. We went on to ask - What was your first big break? And would you say that has gone a long way to creating a better platform for you in the industry?

And she said " My big first break would be when i shot for Black Men Magazine which i still promote till this day. From that point on i knew i made the right decision and was heading in the right direction.

Miss Chanel also adds that there is nothing glitz and glamourous about the modeling industry except for the photo, the hardwork and grind that goes into creating that 1 right photo is just the beginning because now that you have this master piece, you have to work hard to get it in the right hands of those who are willing to pay to see more. That's why i sometimes laugh and feel sorry for those "facebook, twitter and now instagram want to be models" for they do not understand the full picture of this industry. There's more to modeling then just being on the scenes and partying. There's 2% chance of being "DISCOVERED" on a social network you must grind hard to get your name and your face out there in the right circle of people to get "DISCOVERED". By doing this you not only create a name but you are creating a brand which is not temporary like looks are, brand is like a seed that grows into a tree full of leaves and those leaves represents the different businesses you can own or have partnerships that create long term moola is what i call it"

She also went on to lay down more advice for aspiring models saying " Learn as much as possible and set standards for your career, know exactly how far you want to go and don't let anyone tell you NO"

We also got her to talk about her sex life, sorry fellas she's taken. She got to tell us about her kinks, fetishes, bedroom turn ons and turn offs, when we asked she said "Ooohhhh....this one gave me the chills for i love my hair to be pulled, thrown on the bed, ass smacked and i definitely love role playing but i hate a man who is afraid to take control or not give head......where they do that at it's 2012 step up or get"

Check out more of the action click here to see more.

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Photography by @MrMyimages

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UVM | Erica Marie Rocks Urban Vixenz Mag Cover

Bad Girl Club's Erica Marie

Summa Yall think been a bad bitch all about talking shit all day on twitter and acting a fool on facebook. Nah Girl you ain't about that life. To be a bad bitch is about being constantly on your grind and stay winning that what bad been about. We had the privilege of having a talk off with Bad Girl's Club Red head hustler Erica Marie.

she talked about her childhood, growing up in the projects with a single mom who worked two jobs. We talked about life, her beliefs and she believes a hustler is someone who doesn't wait for it. She went on to say scared money don't make money, and being a go getter is a person who won't settle for less and aims for more in life. And she's all about that and even more.

During the course of our interview with her, when asked - When did you get started with the entertainment industry? Her response was " Well i was actually dared by some friends of mine to audition for BGC i never thought i'd get picked but then i was like fuck it i'll give it a try, it was crazy seeing myself on TV for the first time but i must admit it was an opportunity of a lifetime that not too many people get. So now i'm just using it as a stepping stone to show my talents. I have my own female sports watch line out right now called "The Bella" which is on and i also have my new single turn it up yeah available on so i'm just letting the world see that i'm more then just a bad girl i'm a business women with a brand who smart enough to take my experience in the entertainment industry to another level"

We also got a lil naughty, and did a lil sex talk. She got to tell us she's definitely a very sexual person, and loves being in her own skin and loves feeling like a women with power who understands her sexuality very well. I am very passionate when i'm with someone. I like to try new things and i'm not afraid to be sexy.

We went on forward to ask - What's your sexy game like, what would the scene play out like, would it be more in terms of a domina dominating her sub with the reverse cow girl position while he or she has been chained, whipped, cuffed up and candle waxed or would it be more of the scenario of you laying back with chocolate cream and strawberry dressing over your body and him licking all over your body while taking his dominance?

She responded saying " I'm more of a dominant person in bed. I like to take control of the situation and i do everything i can to please my partner when we are having sex. Each time i do it as if it was the last time we were going to be intimate. I like to handcuff my partner to the bed, dance on em for a while and then blindfold them while i start working my magic. I go slow and make it last and if he's a real good boy i'll bring out a special guest then all 3 of us will have some fun lol.

We had a lot more cray moments, check 'Em out, click here to see more.

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

URBAN VIXENZ MAGAZINE | UVM interviews Tori Grace

tori graceOn our most recent issue Urban vixenz magazine issue #2 - diamondz in the ruff. We got to interview the amazing Tori Grace, Tori is a published model and actress from Atlanta GA. You would have seen her graced the cover of 50fifty Magazine and made featured appearances on music videos just to name a few. She's been putting in a lot of work lately, and is currently been nominated rookie of the year. Follow details for voting and results log in to your twitter and direct your mouse to @ToriGr8ce and hit the follow button to get more details. And this is what she had to say...

So how did you go from Victoria Robinson "The army brat" to Tori Grace "The Model"?

Tori: Lol i started modeling in school at Georgia state and did a few shows with them. I took a break for awhile and last summer my boss, now manager kept saying i think you should shoot again and just see what happens. I shot with a good friend of mine Rious and the next thing i know we released 1 picture and everything went viral. click here to see more exclusives of our interview with Tori Grace.

Be on the look out for Erica Marie Oxygen Media's very own Bad Girls Club 8's red-headed hustler on the next issue coming out soon follow us on our twitter @urbanvixenzmag for more updates.

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tai cartierHad a smashing interview with DMV model and aspiring actress Tai Cartier. What's your philosophy on life, sex and relationship?

Tai: This is how i feel about life - cherish every moment, chase every dream, and do the damn thing. I really can't speak on love because i haven't been in a lot of relationships, i just know that sex is a major part of a relationship, if the dick is garbage then you got to go! click here to see more exclusives of our interview with Tai Cartier.

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Artist Spotlight | SheIsHipHop


From Brooklyn, New York. A rose rises from the concrete and blossoms into something breaktaken. Born and raised in Brooklyn's Farragut and Fort Greene projects. Drawn into hip hop by the beats with inspiration from Jay-Z, Biggie and Pac came the birth of this rapping sensation SheIsHipHop.

She started rapping at the age of 13, in 2003 she earned $10,000 college scholarship in the annual BMG World Of Expressions songwriting contest courtesy of her song titled "It's Ok".

And has been gaining major recognition since then. In August 2010, she linked up with Elite Group of New Jersey artists to for FO2 Music Group LLC - A breathe of fresh air entertainment. And its currently co-owned by her and Arron "1st Wonder" Rodriguez.

In 2011 she released her mixtape @SheIsHipHop. And has continued to perfect her craft, she has been given the privilege to perform at the 2nd Annual Female Hip Hop Honors.She was nominated UMA's 2011 Awards Best Female rapper of the year and currently nominated for 2012's Most original female artist.

Be sure to catch her next performance this wednesday (Jul. 25th) at Sapphire Lounge, New York - 249 Eldridge St NYC 11pm you can catch up with more updates on her twitter @SheIsHipHop and her facebook and her personal website

Support and tell a friend to tell a friend to vote SheIsHipHop as UMA's 2012 Most original Female artist. CLICK HERE to vote now. You can send votes once every 24 hours from each device till August 13, 2012.

And check out her new music video Everything Is Everything and be on the look for exclusive interview with Sheishiphop on our next magazine issue release.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mixtape Premiere | Jane Nithrow presents A&R - Arts N Reality

Jane Nithrow

From being shipped from offices to offices only to be told the same lies, sold the same false dreams, misguided, misunderstood and underestimated to CEO of Seven Holdings LLC - Quality is the #1 Rule.

Native of Rhode Island, Born and raised in Providence. At a young age, Jane Nithrow fell in love with music, she kissed saxophones in the third grade, banged on drums in the sixth grade, spinned turntables.

Jane Nithrow is no freshman in the music industry, she had her first show in 2002. Tearing the stage down and had the crowd pumped and bumping they heads - Her sound and style is a bit of both worlds Arts & Reality packed with message and delivery.

She has been bringing down the house on stages with her electrificing fireworks hype and raw stage performance with her group A - LIST, you recently might have heard of her killing the I'm Ill beat on Jay's Mixtape

And her first official music video Ten Paces and recently the release of her first street album A&R(Art & Reality) Hosted by Mr Peter Parker - DJ, Radio Personality and Radio Host on Shady 45.

Ms Jane has support from music artists such as Alicia Keys who pulled her over at her album release party and said "You got it, don't let no one tell you different, you just gotta do it" she says - She goes on to say My style is not to be boxed in. I rap fast, slow, sexy and hard. I deliver a message. Sometimes, i just say ignorant shit. I am a story teller and can punch line rhyme. My voice is my trademark!

Jane Nithrow
A&R (Arts & Reality) - Click on Image to download

Pen to paper, still in the booths perfecting her craft - you can get more updates, tour dates, download and album releases on her Facebook and on twitter @JaneNithrow

For bookings, features, cameos, interviews, media and press you can hit her up on

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Monday, June 11, 2012

EyeCandy Spotlight | Booty Of The Day - BabiiDoll Diaz

sweet chocolate big phat booty

BabiiDoll Diaz - The bubbly personality that loves to WOW you with amazing pictures.

She is very creative, open to ideas and might throw ideas out as well when it comes to flaunting her 5' 2", 114 lbs, 36-27-37B mexican tanned exotic body in front of the Cameras.

The mexican native was born in Mexico, raised and currently still lives in Houston TX.

BabiiDoll Diaz also known as Maleny is no stranger to the modeling industry - Ms Diaz has been working the sets and posing for the cameras since she was 17.

Introduced into modeling by a friend, and since then BabiiDoll Diaz has knocked out a few car shows, local events, videos, photoshoots under her belt while continously expanding her crafts.

Currently in talks to appear on 2 Raw's music video ( 2 Raw - Local Houston Hip Hop Artist) name unconfirmed, a single of his mixtape FANTAS, FATTIES N FLOWS

BabiiDoll the fun easy to work with, bubbly personality and yet ambitious and creative model fancies working her ass off till she has made it right to the top - literally i mean, don't confuse that you pervs lol.

Ms. Diaz is interested in glamour, swimwear, lingerie, bodypaint, promotional modeling, spokesperson/host and implied NO NUDES

For bookings, features, event hosting, appearances and cameos. You can contact her via

Wanna know more about BabiiDoll Diaz - you can find her on Facebook via and on twitter @babiidolldiaz.

Scroll down for more pictures - click to enlarge

chocolate honey buttsthick tight bootyglamour modelsglamour models gone bad

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mixtape Premiere | Cheyenne Lavene Presents - Girl Next Door

Cheyenne Lavene

Singer and songwriter Cheyenne Lavene is ready to take on 2012 with the release of her debut mixtape, GIRL NEXT DOOR hosted by DJ Flava aka The Franchize with original production from hip-hop producer Kleph Dollaz.

This New Jersey native sets no limits when it comes to identifying with specific genres. Though primarily an R&B and Soul artist, her works also incorporate styles of pop, classical, and jazz.

Ms. Lavene is no stranger to the music scene. From auditioning next to recording artist Jazmine Sullivan for a spot on Apollo Kids, to singing in the background chorus for superstar
Mariah Carey during her 'Adventures of Mimi' tour in Philadelphia.

She continues to expand her craft - Check out her newly released project Mixtape Cheyenne Lavene presents Girl Next Door

mixtape girl next door
Mixtape: Cheyenne Lavene presents Girl next door - Click Image to download mixtape

Follow her on twitter @cheyennelavene.

Check out her music video clips on her youtube channel viaYoutube | Cheyenne Lavene.

For bookings, features, cameos, press and media contact

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Johnna Jade Hamilton | Mics and Models: The Dream - Rags to Glory

hip hop artists

TGIF -- Thank God Its Friday, we gon be starting off your weekend with this smacking blockbuster "Johnna Jade Hamilton | Mics and Models: The Dream - Rags to Glory.

This ain't just another average tail of a Hoodrat deaming of making it out of the streets to the spotlight just for the fame, money and glory

This is the tail of a promising up and coming hip hop artist who wants to be known for making a huge contribution to the seems to be fading hip hop culture

Johnna Hamilton Known as Jade is one of the youngest upcoming hottest female rapper in Titusville Florida

Jade has been writing she was 10, and rapper at the age of 14. She's inspired by Drake, NICKI MINAJ, Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy and 2pac "One the greatest hip hop artist to have ever lived, blessedth memories".

Has hip hop just gotten sexier??? Seeing that nowadays female hip hop is mostly about sex, sexual explicit shit and no much message and delivery. Female hip hop literally put the xxx into the hip hop culture

Jade Says- She isn't just into the game for the fame, but embodying herself into her sound and a twist of pure lyricism with an intent on making an impact to her listeners through her music.

Jade has performed alot of shows in Titusville and neighboring cities. Out with a mixtape REINTRODUCTION TO JADE, We had the priviledge to listen to some of her tracks "can't make it" and "but timing wrong".

And is currently working on a new project "WELCOME TO JADEVILLE", We the priviledge of picking her brains about herself, we talked about her rap career and hip hop in general. She was very outspoken and kept it a hundred all is what she to say

First of, What inspired the name JADE? Whats the significant of it to your rap?

My first rap name was "Moet" and it just didnt fit me. I was free-styling one day and came up with "baby Jade" and decided I wanted to stick with that. Of course like alot of other rappers you grow up and drop the "lil" and "baby" so now im just SIMPLY JADE. My friends and family started using "Jade" as well. I would say, that when I first started rapping as "baby Jade" it was for fun a hobby, but the moment I grew up and decided that this was more than just a hobby its "my life" my dream thats when "JADE" decided to step it up! and I knew then that I'd be JADE forever.

When did you dicover this creative side of yourself? And how long have you been rapping?

I used to write poems and i wrote this one poem and decided to turn it into a song. I sung that song to everybody close to me, they liked it i loved it. I decided that i could use my poetry to make music. I've been rapping since the age of 14 and i been writing music since the age of 10. I'm 25 so damn, that makes me feel ancient.

Tell us about yourself? Where you from originally? And what was it like growing up in your neigbhorhood?

I've always been the quiet type, stayed to myself, very few in my inner circle. I'm originally from TiTusville florida "LIL CITY" as we call it. It's a pretty small town so everybody know everybody business. Everything slips through the grapevine. Its hard to get love when your a female rapper even in your own city. Living in a small town makes it 30x harder to get exposure. I did plenty of shows in my city, but it comes a time when your ready to explore the world and get your name out. Those who know me support me and my music. You always gone have someone hating on you, but to me its just simply motivation.

female artists

Who are your biggest artistic influences and why?

Young Money, the whole movement. Drake, Nikki and Wayne they all have interesting life stories. Minor setbacks that helped them get major comebacks. Through it all they still made it to the top reguardless of the struggle. I respect that. Jeezy- He can rap just about anything and it will sell. I always said to my self "Jezzy the king of ablibs" I don't know too many other rappers that make ablibs sound so good. His delivery is on point. I love the fact he can be rapping a "hood" song and still deliver it so smoothly. 2 Pac- I should of listed him first. He was my first inspiration, as a child i used to try and remix his songs. They never sounded good though. His delivery, his motivation, and his ability to touch his listeners through his words was amazing! He is definently my biggest influence.

Would you say your growing up and neigbhorhood have played much impact on your sounds and style?

Not really, I'm far from the average and very different from most of the girls i've grown up around. My style is unique i'm always trying new things even if its different from what everybody else is rockin. I've never been the one to follow the crowd, i've always been into doing my own thang and traveling the road less traveled. My sound, I would say is different and versatile. I can usually vibe to any beat and usually come up with a rap for any topic. I perfer "hood" songs though,but i'm always looking for new topics and new ways to improve my delivery and to help others relate especially my female listeners.

What seperates you from the other masses of new emcees? How would you describe your sound and style?

Alot of rapper's these day's talk about non-sense! I dont want to ever make a song that has no meaning. Every song that i do i want to have some type of moral behind it or meaning whether its about everyday hatin, or trying to make it out a small town to get to the bigger things in life. The biggest thing that seperates me from alot of female rappers is that fact that sex sells, but when you have a talent your actually good at and you put your heart into it, i dont have to promote myself more than i promote my music. I dont wanna be like the "normal female rapper" that only talks about sex. I want to help relate my listeners to my music not just rap to them about the average topics. I would describe my sound and style as sassy and kinda bitter sweet. When you look at me you would never expect that I can rap so "hood" lol but i can definitely suprise you and in my music i display every emotion such as: love, hate, anger, and fear.

female rappers

Your lyrics are very heartfelt and has a twist of hardcore, a mix of rythm and gangsta. And i can definitelly relate to your music...nowadays most rappers just get into the rap game for the fame, money and glory but don't take out much time into putting much messages in they lyrics. They just wanna hug the spotlight and thats about it, whats your opinion about that? And do you think its healthy for the hip hop culture?

I agree, nowadays, alot of rappers pick a good beat rap about non-sense and thank they got what it takes to make it in this industry. Rapping isn't for everybody and it's not just something you wake up and decide to do. I loved to write music before i even knew about the money, fame and glory. I think that when you truly love doing something you will do it no matter the outcome. Of course we all wanna make money, but that shouldn't be the reason your following your dreams. I don't think it's healthy for the hip hop culture. We already have so many stereo-types about hip hop. Not every rapper is in it for the fame. The real rappers do this because without music they have no purpose. Music helps them reach out to others who might be going through or went through the same situations. Rappers that only want the spotlight are only out for themselves. They dont care about expanding the growth of the hip hop community.

How important is it to you that your fans can relate to the
message in your music?

To me that's my main goal for my music. I want all listeners to relate to my lyrics. I write music for my fans if they can't relate than who will.

Are there any current female MC(s) you inspired by or you had
compare yourself to at the moment?

I don't compare myself to any other female rapper. I believe my style speaks for itself. I am inspired by NIKKI MINAJ though, like i said earlier in the interview her life story is amazing how she made it to where she is through all of the obstacles. She has a great delivery and doesn't just rap about sex. To me that's a true artist someone who can get on any beat and rap about any topic.

sexy female rappers

Which artists would you most want to collaborate with in the future?

The young money artist-Jezzy-Kiesha Cole-J.Cole-Ace hood-T.I there are many more, but those are my top

As an artist what materials have you put out so far? And whats the reception like on youtube, itunes and amazon?

I am always doing collabs with local artist and the songs are featured on various mixtapes. I just dropped a mixtape and i have been promoting it heavy, like i said before promotion doesn't come easy in my city. So I have been going to other remote cities trying to get my name out. I am currently working on a new mixtape called "Welcome to JADESVILLE" I'm from Titusville so Jadesville is a perfect name for the mixtape. I do most of my promotion on Facebook i have a music page called #TEAMJADE music page. Some of my songs are listed on youtube as well. On my music page i get the most love.

Which songs have you released so far would you say has been the most gratifying for your career?

Can't make It- its about trying to make it even when People think you can't alot of people relate to this one Timing wrong-I get the most feedback Keep it 100- Kinda like a love song alot of female listeners like that one
Really wanna Know- The male listeners favorite But Timing wrong and Can't make it are the two singles on my new mixtape called REINTRODUCTION 2 JADE. They are my most commercial/radio songs

sexy hip hop artists

I was listening to the tracks you sent us i got to say i really felt this lines "What i got is what i got, because i never quit. Don't need a nigga he a plus out here gat to get it that's a must, only God knows my story so only him i trust. You never thought i succeed so your bubbles bust. Real bitches understand what it takes to make it,if it ain't giving they know how to take it. It ain't easy to make it to the top but real bitches just don't stop" Thats some tight shit right there...whats was your inspiration behind this track?

I would have to say that I have alot of HATERS. In life I always had people telling me that I should focus my time on other things besides music.I've also heard Im too short, too slim Not this not that, but through all the criticism I still kept my eyes on the prize never gave up and I never will. In life, youll have people doubt you and you'll have those who will support you, but I learned that I am my motivation and I am my competition so with that being said If I dont succeed it will be my own fault and not the result of my haters. This song comes from the heart and alot of my female fans relate to this. Sometimes the world puts alot of pressure on you and if your different than you dont fit in. I believe in being my own person and being different from the adverage doesnt make me strange, but it helps me Stand out in the crowd. So I dont mind at all how the world views me. You get one life and you better make the best of it. No regrets!!

You got modeling on the side, how long have you been modeling for? Is it an on and off thing for you, since i would guess rapping is more of your to do list?

I've been modeling for about a year. I am just as determined to model as I am rapping. I always loved taking pics and decided to take some professional pics and they turned out nice. So I entered a competition and won. Now Im just going with the flow. I have been interacting with music and modeling professionals and lately been getting some great results. I love both modeling and music. So the love for them keeps me motivated. Rapping definitely takes more time and energy than modeling but I was told that as long as your having fun and your putting your all into it, its worth the wait.

sexy female artist

How do you work both careers without getting caught up in gigs clashing into each other?

I keep a lil calendar so that I dont get my dates dont get mixed up. I am currently trying to do shows in other cities so that takes time. While im waiting on call backs for that, I put more focus on my modeling. I been doing good so far keeping the two seperated. When music is slow I focus on modeling and visa versa. If they both are pumpin than I always go with the job that gets me the most exposure. The goal is and always will be to get my name known.

What has been your biggest break so far in the modeling industry? And what do you enjoy most about been a model?

I'm fairly new to the modeling industry so the best thing is the promotion really. I have been lucky enough to link up with people who have alot of insight in this industry. And they have been referring me to people who can help me futher my career. It's funny because if I look for a job in modeling and they dont need me for that, they usually take interest in my music and visa versa. So promotion has been the best thing going for me right now in the modeling industry. Ive meet alot of helpful people who are helping me with my modeling and music. So I just continue to work hard and promote myself in every way possible. I enjoy taking pics and actually seeing them as a finished project. Im a libra so I also enjoy meeting new people in the industry and learning new things to help better myself.

Your more into fashion, commercial and print modeling, do you see yourself doing eyecandy, glamour and lingerie gigs anytime in the future?

I always keep an open mind and I dont mind doing any of those gigs as long as its Classy gotta keep it classy.

female hip hop mcs

When your not on stage performing, in the booth recording or on set working the cameras what do you do to stay relaxed or busy?

I'm usually always writing music. Sometimes I can be laying down getting ready for bed and a hook will pop in my head so I get up n write it down so that I wont forget it. So even when im "relaxing" my mind still on it. I like the club scene every so often but usually I enjoy just spending time with family. I love to watch movies and I love to shop

Tell us more about your mixtape "The Reintroduction to Jade"?

I have been rapping for along time and when I started I actually rapped with another person. Like many groups people go thier seperate ways and for the longest I stopped and took a break from music. Than I decided that I needed to keep pushing reguardless if Im going solo. So this mixtape means alot, people knew me and knew I could rap but they never heard me by myself. So I named it Reintroduction 2 JADE because I was basically reintroducing my self as a solo artist. Alot of good feedback from this mixtape my goal is to get it heard in as many cities as possible. I am going to keep promoting it and hopefully the right people will hear it.

Any major artist features? How many tracks you got on it? And where can we get the rest of the tracks to download?

No major artist features yet, but I hope in the future I will have some. There are 14 Tracks on the mixtape and my music is on my Facebook music page as well as Reverbnation and I have a few tracks on youtube as well.

sexy hip hop rapper

Any plans for promo tour soon? If yes, what states, cities orcountries would you be touring?

As of now i'm just promoting my mixtape around remote cities, but I want to go to a few cities/states such as: Georgia, Texas, LA, New York, Miami and of course the sounding areas.

What other projects have you been heard on, seen on, involved in? And do you have any new projects in the pipelines?

I have a few projects that im working on for modeling that deal with print and commercial. I also have a few projects that involve shows in different areas. I am currently networking with a few people tpo get aired on different online radio. Which I am pretty excited about. Thats good exposure.

When it's all said and done, how would you like your lyrics to
make impact on your fans?

I want my fans to know that I am self motivated and I speak on that level, hopefully my words can help motivate those who need it. Make them believe in themselves. If you believe others will follow

Johnna Jade Hamilton

For bookings, media and press how can you be contacted?


Where can the readers find you online?

, twitter , Reverbnation, Modelpipeline, Youtube, Duskspot, Modelturf

Final word to fans?

Be yourself, Dont be afraid to be different, Life isnt about making others happy it's about living to the fullest and following your dreams. Nothing is handed to you you have to push until you reach the stars.-JADE

Interview and post by Dani Reid

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ciara Leon | The Black Diamond | Bling Bling

perfect round bubble butts and juicy asses

Urban vixenz entertainment brings you another fresh hot pokemon diamond pearl series featuring diamond diva Ciara Leon.

From the spoils of war, blood diamonds and chaos rises this sexy almond eye-shaped, chocolate mocha skin beauty

Ciara Leon is a native of Sierra Leone, and was born in London and currently resides in Denver, CO.

Standing at a 5'7" and amazing measurements of 32C-27-40, Goofy, down to earth with a fun loving personality

This smashing 10ct custom cut black diamond has always been told to model, on trying out her first shoot she completely fell in love with modeling. And has been modeling ever since.

5 years on and off and two years straight.

Ciara Leon is not just a pretty face and bubble butt cutie, she believes strongly on education and having a back up plan

She has a degree on criminal justice and minor on psychology

She's a respite counselor at a boys detention facility, a mentor for Denver Kids and you can find her most times giving back to the society working with the kids at Denver Kid Inc which serves low income neighborhood children.

Ciara Leon has been featured on the spreads, centerfolds and covers of magazines like Stunnaz Magazine NFL Playoff Issue Dec. 2011, 50Fifty Magazine Jan. 2010 Issue, Enfluenz Magazine Feb. 2011 Issue, ASIS Assets Issue #13 Mar. 2011

You can find Ciara Leon on twitter @ciara_leon and you can also find her on facebook For bookings contact Ciara Leon on

big oiled up assessexy bikini and lingerie modelsbig juicy butt babe
tasty round bubble butts and wet tight assesonion bootysexy hot bikini models

Posted by Marc Jenro

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

L.A. Confidential | Erikah Liu - LA's best kept secret

sexy asian girls tits and ass

Po Po Po its your booty patrol friendly neighborhood officer. Cupped me sum hot exotic asian lotus with a beauty as rare as the cherry blossoms. No worries nobody snitched lol, Our sexy blasian inmate here goes by the name of Erikah Liu also known as Dulce Liu. Erikah Liu is a professional ballet/modern and hip hop dancer, Erikah is also a model and aspiring actress. Ms. Liu loves the glits and glam, works the scene any chance she gets to be in front of the camera. Showcasing her lovely soft golden bronze exotic skin and curvy body. Erikah is not your average asian college girl, this filipina asian model is a military brat. Built to tackle any challenge, pretty on the eyes...lord knows am a sucker for asian girls for they cat slit kim impossible sexy eyes. But that isn't what caught my attention, i guess like the cameras i was simply blown away by her pose and swag. She carries herself with such grace i haven't seen for a while now, i mean she acts like a lady but think like a man. If that ain't swag ion know what is lol, on the reals tho she down to earth, easy going and eats up any task life dishes at her. She says i am the definition of fun, i can rock any shoot..i love photography i love the process of capturing art and expresing it. Am always down for modeling gigs, photo shoots, magazine features, prints, editorials, commercials, music video appearances, event hosting, movie auditions and casting calls - She says. Erikah stands at a 5' 4", weight 125 lbs, with a measurement stat of 34B-24-38, black long hair. A piercing and a few tattoos and currently resides in California.

See more hip hop models uncut videos

You can find Erikah Liu on twitter @shesdulceliu. For booking contact her on 818-531-1906 or

sexy topless asian girlsasian hot modelshottest asian models

- Posted by Marc Jenro.

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Monday, April 16, 2012


sexiest eyecandy glamour models
Nona Malone is a published model and exotic dancer, she has been modeling close to about a year now or more. New face in the game but definitely becoming an household name, if you ain't know her you prolly be living under a rock. Her claim to fame i would prolly say was when worldstarhiphop dropped a video of her claimin to be one of gucci mane's ex girlfriends. Don't know how true that is but if there's something they both share is love for ice cream tats lol, Usted sabe cuando ese camión de helados viene alrededor de los bloques, y todo lo que quiero hacer es tener algunas de las crema chocolate. Culo de nona hace que te quiera tener un poco de crema de chocolate...mira esas nalgas, lol. In her spare time she loves dancing, she loves been in front of the camera and she's very photogenic with lovely exotic dominican curves, cute butt cheeks, prolly the spitting image of Nona the roman goddess.

Real Name: Nicole Milburn

Born: Bertha, MN

Current city: Detroit, MI

Ethnicity: Mixed

Nationality: American

Measurement: 38DD-28-49

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 165 lbs

Body Type: Average

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair: Black (Long)

Experience: Experienced


» acting

» Dance

» editorial

» Glamour

» Lingerie

»Adult Model

» Pin up

» Promotional modeling

» Spokesperson/Host


  • Straight Stunnin' Magazine
  • F.E.D.S magazine
  • Skin tones magazine
  • Worldstarhiphop eyecandy model
  • Dondiva

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    Social Network » Twitter

    Community » Facebook

    dominican hip hop modelsmusic video girlship hop honeys40 inch plus bubble butts
    onion bootybooty glamour

    - Marc Jenro

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    Friday, April 6, 2012


    hip hop music video models

    Shay Monet is an haitian American from Boston. Shay Monet is one of the few realest peoples i have had the priviledge of chatting with lately. She's all sweet haribo chocolate, hard caramel toffee with milk chocolate on the inside and highly motivated. Shay Monet took her claim to modeling in 2010 and has been seen on music videos for some of the local artists in Boston, the likes of Byggz Hustlemen - Freak music video, Raymon Jamez Ft Mike Anthonii - Proskillz and Ernest Efficial Dudley - i love you coming soon. The world is probably on the brink of discovering the next world wonder so look out for this star on the rise..

    Hey, its good to have you with us again. Whats been happening since our previous blog feature with you?

    I've been working on few upcoming projects such as shoots and my eyecandy videos, networking with many people around the world. I also am working on getting my site up as well.

    Sorry that i got to ask the obvious question, just for the benefits of the readers could you tell us about yourself? Where you from originally and what was it like growing up in your neighborhood?

    I go by the name Shay Monet', Im Haitian-American and from Boston, MA. I live in Mattapan which is located in Boston. Boston is a pretty small place everyone somehow is connected. Either people know you, heard of you etc. It reminds me of a very small version of NYC

    What's the best trait about you? And how would you best describe your personality?

    My best trait is I'm flexible, I make the worst situation into something better. I try not to be bothered by any situation especially if i received bad news. I always try to make a bad situation beneficial at all times. It just makes me more motivated and make me have more ambition to get to where I want to be.
    Best way to describe my personality is i'm open-minded, strong-will, funny, and a sweetheart.

    What's the biggest misconception about you?

    People think I'm a porn star, stuck-up. People also feel as though as I'm not to doing anything positive or I'm not going to make it.

    What's one thing you can't go through the day without? And when you not in front of the cameras working a shoot or a scene, what do you do to stay relaxed or busy?

    My iphone 4 ..kind of my second life lol, I normally infront of my laptop networking and promoting myself.

    What do you think your best physical feature(s) is? And what features do you like to show off?

    My body is my best feature. I like to show off my chest.

    What's the sexiest outfit you will wear in public?

    I wore a black dress to a club, the whole sides were cut off. Im not talking see through. I mean literally you can see my sides. So I guess you can say something like that. Iol

    big booty hip hop dimes

    What's the first thing men or women compliment you for when you strutting your booty down the curbs? And what part of your body do you think gets more attention from guys?

    From both men and women, I will say my hair. I will say my face catches the guys attention and they work their eyes down lol

    Lol they had be blind not to...What's the craziest thing a fan has done to try to get your attention? And what's the best way to get your attention?

    The craziest thing I would say is somehow a fan followed me home and was like ..your Shay Monet' from fb. etc. Dude really followed me home. There's no best way to approach me really, I guess it depends on how I'm feeling and where my minds at.

    A man would impress you if? And what's the simplest thing that can make you happy

    His effort was at 100% . The simplest thing that can make me happy is being able to be real on how you really feel and your intentions.

    What's your philosophy on life, love, sex and relationship?

    Life shouldn't be taken too serious where your upset to the point to do something you can regret..we all are temporary in life.
    Love just happens, so don't look for it and it can break you and make you depending on you. Sex is one of the dominant keys in life. Relationship is

    What's your definition of a healthy relationship? And when it comes to relationships whats one thing you had wish your man would pay attention to?

    A healthy relationship is being the same person they met because thats who they like or fell in love with, dont change yourself in a relationship with exceptions of the rules of being in a relationship. One thing I wished he paid attention to was my feelings.

    A Lil word association game, say the first thing that comes to
    mind, Try not to stare at?

    me too much lol

    Something cool about having boobs?

    It can be used as a powerful tool lol

    big tits and asses

    I am too sexy for my?


    Favorite lingerie?

    anything with garters and thigh high stockings ;)

    My most recent wardrobe malfunction was?

    I went to a video shoot with a one piece and forgot my bottoms, its always good to bring more than one outfit.

    My secret weapon is?

    It's a secret for a reason lol

    Favorite drink?

    Barcadi Hurricane

    If i could have a tattoo now, it would be?

    Symbolizing my paths and choices I have made

    I am completely freaked out about?

    Losing someone

    Is you single or taken! If taken how does your man handle the
    attention you get from the entertainment industry? And if not what
    attributes and features do you look for in man?

    Im single.

    Do you consider yourself a very sexual person? When it comes to
    sex are you more into the hot steamy sweaty hard and nice or your more
    into cuddles and kisses?

    Yes i am very sexual. I'm into has to be both!

    Bedroom fantasies, kinks, fetish, turn ons, turn offs. And
    what's your most important rule(s) of bedroom etiquette?

    He has to be clean! Shower before hand is always best lol
    Turn offs, someone who's quick and doesn't take his time. I dont have fantasies I make them reality

    When, why and how did you get into modeling? And when did you
    start seeing it as less of a hobby and more of a profession?

    I started taking it serious a few months ago. Two years ago I did it for fun. But I have set goals and plans for myself and thats how I made it more of my profession.

    What was your experience like on your first shoot?

    I was nervous in a room with a photographer who I just met, you can't trust to many people in the industry.

    People tend to think modeling is all abc, but they never
    recognize the blood, sweat, tears and work put into it to reach the
    desired results. Can you tell us some of the challenging moments and
    how do you keep your grind on point?

    My challenging moments were the negative comments or feedbacks I read or someone tells me. Imagine you doing something and all someone can do is hate. But that keeps me grinding even more, you know. How many of these people can say there doing something they love and getting paid well for it.

    You have been seen on Byggz Hustlemen's freak music video, Raymon
    Jamez Ft Mike Anthonii's Proskillz music video. What other projects
    have you been a part of?

    I worked with a group called The Brand on there single D&H. Also with another artist Efficial Dudley. This month is going to be even bigger, alot of things are in the works!

    Some models tend to do breathing exercises before a shoot, some
    other watch their diets week before and some others are just always
    camera ready. Do you sorta like have a special routine or it just
    comes all natural?

    I watch what I eat a few days before

    40inch plus hip hop video models

    Where can readers connects with you online to get constant
    updates about you?

    Well you can like my fb fan page and Im always in the works of my site. and

    For bookings, features and appearances how can you be contacted?

    Final word(s) for your fans.

    Thanks for all the support I love you guys and to the haters your my #1 fan lol
    Look out for more!!

    Thanks for all the support I love you guys and to the haters your my #1 fan lol Look out for more!!

    Interview by Dani Reid

    Posted by Jessica Floyd

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