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Amber Priddy born and raised in Hidden Valley, Charlotte NC. like every other kid Amber grew up in a very rough neighborhood. The Published model who has been seen on Smooth magazine, Blackmen's magazine 40on40 issue, ASIS magazine, Straight stuntin magazine, Sweets magazine and also 2011 blackmen's model of the year currently resides in Atlanta GA. I'm very bubbly, outgoing, loves to joke around, make people laugh, my best trait i would say my personality i feel like that's what has gotten my this far - She's says. She's also a video vixen and has been seen on Big Sean's Featuring Nicki Minaj video Dance, has also be seen on Young Jeezy's - Trap or die, Gucci Mane Ft Plies - Wasted, Young Joc - lookin boy, bubba sparxx ft ying yang twins - Miss new booty, plies - Becky and fabolous - Body ya. Amber is also an actress and has been seen on Tyler Perry's Madea goes to jail and house of pain...

bikini models

UVB: Tell us about yourself? Where you from originally, and what was it like growing up in your neighborhood?

Amber: im from charlotte nc but i currently reside in atlanta ga. I grew up in a lil neighborhood in charlotte called hidden valley its off one of the busiest roads called N. Tryon st. I t was sort of a rough neighborhood but i managed to make it thru.

UVB: What's the best trait about you? And how would you best describe your personality?

Amber: i would say my best trait is my personality i feel like my personality is what has gotten me this far.. im very bubbly and outgoin and love to joke around and make people laugh

UVB: What's the biggest misconception about you?

Amber: has to definitely be about my booty being fake.. i hear that at least once a day people act like white girls just cant be thick and have shape

UVB: What's one thing you can't go through the day without? And when you not in front of the cameras working a shoot or a scene,what do you do to stay relaxed or busy?

Amber: i cant go one day without my phone, i think i would die.... when im not busy im usually in the house watching tv or at the mall shopping, thats my favorite

glamour models

UVB: What do you think is your best physical feature(s) is? And what features do you like to show off?

Amber: my best physical feature i think is my eyes and second my i try to accent my eyes the most tho

UVB: What's the sexiest outfit you will wear in public?

Amber: the sexiest i would do is maybe a catsuit or a really tight dress i have alot of shape so i cant do nothin to crazy

UVB: What's the first thing men or women compliment you for when you strutting your booty down the curbs? And what part of your body do you think get more attention from guys?

Amber: its always my booty lol i guess im not suppose to have it so they always like "what the hell" and my booty gets the most attention.

UVB: What's the craziest thing a fan has done to try to get your attention? And what's the best way to get your attention?

Amber: oh ive had alot of crazy things happen but they usually go for the booking email,, they try that then they try twitter, the best way to get my attention is just respect me and be humble and not be disrespectful.

UVB: lol that's so typical, tasty ass!!!

bikini hotties

UVB: A man would impress you if? And what's the simplest thing that can make you happy?

Amber: a man would impress me of he went about everything in a respectful manner like sending flowers or a singing telegram or something real off the wall i would neva expect. the simplest thing that would make me happy is a kiss and an "I love u"

UVB: What's your philosophy on life, love, sex and relationships?

Amber: my philosophy is dont look for nothin let it find u and everything is already laid out for yu so just take one day at a time

UVB: What's your definition of a healthy relationship? And when it comes to relationships what's one thing you wish your man would pay more attention to?

Amber: i dont think there are healthy relationships i think every relationship has its ups and downs you just have to trust one another and hold each other down.

UVB: Is you single ot taken? If taken how does your man handle the attention you get from the entertainment industry? And if not what attributes and features do you look for in a man?

Amber: im very single and im also very picky you have to have your life together, your hygiene has to be perfect and you have to have goals you wanna accomplish

bubble butt

UVB: Do you consider yourself a very sexual person? When it comes to sex are you more into nice, hard, spontaneous and aggressive or slow and sensual?

Amber: im a scorpio so yes im very sexual but im into the love making and the slow sweaty workin hard sex lol

UVB: Bedroom fantasies, turn ons, turn offs? And what's your most important rule(s) of bedroom etiquette?

Amber: my bedroom turn on is alot of foreplay i wanna be drippin wet when he sticks it in there and my most important bedroom rule is "dont try any slick shit" lol

UVB: When and why did you pick up modeling? And when did you start seeing modeling as less of a hobby and more of a profession?

Amber: i been modeling for a while but just about three years ago i started to see it as a profession and i would have to say the last year is when it has picked up for me.

UVB: What was your experience like on your first shoot?

Amber: my first shooting experience was horrible i was in orlando fla and the guy tried to tell me i had to shoot naked scenes to make it and all these different lies just kept trying to have sex w me.

onion booty

UVB: What was your first big break? And would you say that has gone a long way to creating a better platform for you in the entertainment industry?

Amber: my first big break was at the beginning of 2011 when marcus blassingame named me blackmen model of the year everyone started to want to work with me and take me serious after that

UVB: People tend to think modeling is a walk in the park, but they never seem to recognize the works, blood, sweat and tears to reach the desired results...can you tell us some of the challenging moments and how you keep your grind on point?

Amber: everyday is a challenging point in modeling with the media and your fans u just gotta stay humble keep your head up and do the best u can do

UVB: Apart from modeling you have also taking into acting, did you take acting classes or was it self taught from all the confidence and experiences you have built overtime posing for photoshoots?

Amber: ive never taking any acting classes what u see is what u get its all me

UVB: You have been featured as an extra on Tyler Perry's Madea goes to jail and House of payne. What was the experience like working with Tyler Perry? And what was your relationship with the other cast and crew like on and off the set?

Amber: it was great working with tyler perry i love that once he works with you he continues to work with you, and i made alot of friends off those sets

xxx bikini models

UVB: You have also taken lead roles as a video vixen and has made appearances on Bubba Sparxxx ft Ying Yang twins - Miss new booty, Young jeezy -trap or die, Plies- Becky, Young Joc - Lookin' Boy, Gucci Mane ft Plies - Wasted, Fabolous - body ya just to list a few. Which of them was the most fun shoot to do and what was your experience like?

Amber: i would say my most fun shoot was Big Sean feat NIcki minaj DANCE video we had alot of fun big sean is great to work with and didnt make any of us feel uncomfortable he laughed and joked with us to make sure we had a good shoot

UVB: In between taking up movie scripts and music video appearances you have been seen on the cover of Blackmen magazine 40 on 40 issue 2011, Blackmen model of the year, smooth magazine, Straight stuntin' mag, ASIS magazine, Sweets Mag, Show magazine, F.e.d.s Magazine. What other projects have you been a part of?

Amber: u said them all but look out for 2012 cause this is going to be my year

UVB: You got lovely curves, sexy legs and that back drop, bubble butt, ghetto booty to go with it. How do you sculpt your body into shape do you hit the gym or you just have an exotic sexy mix of genes?

Amber: i have great genes but im currently working with a trainer and taking kickboxing

glamour models gone bad

UVB: Some models tend to do breathing exercises before a shoot, some watch their diets weeks before and some others just tone up, sexy, fierce confident and just work their magic. Do you sorta like have a special preparation routine or it just comes all natural?

Amber: no special routines i just go in there and do what im suppose to do

UVB: Where can the readers connect with you online? Get previews, take a tour , get copies of your previous works? And what should your fans be on the look for?

Amber: i always say just follow me on twitter and youll find out everything im doin @amberpriddy

UVB: For bookings, features, appearances and photoshoots how can you be contacted?


UVB: Any final words for your fans?

Amber: 2012 is my year so lets do this

UVB: Thanks for a lovely interview Amber Priddy and shout out to Jean Chouteau Strategic planner of SR Impact Group

phat ass booty in thongs

interview done by Dani Reid

posted by Dianne Ariella Winston

Photos courtesy of Mjflix

Howard Huang


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