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Eva Danielle Wittels is the President and CEO of Eva Danielle Inc, a high end women's fashion line. A mix of couture style and casual wears, the fushion of elegance andsex appeal. Eva's travels has allowed her to experience and appreciate the uniqueness of other cultures and their custom, the harmonious symmetry of architecture. Which are evidently seen on her designs. These inspirations manifest as lush colors and fine thread tightly woven into fabrics. Its first collection was released in August 2005, Eva Danielle's designs have been seen on celebrities and personalities like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Janice Dickinson, Model Iryna Storochuk, Sindy Perez, Michelle Delamor of American Idol Season 9, Aida Touihri "the amazing métropole 6 prime time anchor at vogue fashion celebration in Paris. The GoGo's and featured in television programs like the Janice Dickinson show, Bravo, Deco, Drive, The Simple Life, Make a wish foundation, The Bad Girls Club, and loads of fashion publications. I was priviledged to come across her profile page on modelmayhem, and i got caught up with the arrays of lush colors and artisteque designs. Exchanged some few emails and here we are. Alright grap your sketch pads cause we going in...

Tell us about yourself? How did you get into fashion illustration?

I am actually in fashion design but, i learned fashion illustration in

When did you discover the creative side of yourself? Did you have
formal training or your self taught?

I had formal training . I attended the School of The Art Institute of Chicago.

How did you get started in fashion? And what has been the most
difficult part about making Eva Danielle Clothing successful?

I started fashion when i attended school, I have always loved art but didn't discover where in the arts i wanted to be. The most difficult part
of the fashion industry is trying to meet every deadline.

Is Eva Danielle Inc a one woman operation or do you have a team behind its success?

No. I have a team, and my team is even more special because my business partner is my brother.

What attracts you to being a fashion designer? How long have you been working as a clothing designer? And what do you enjoy most about been a clothing designer?

What attracted me to be a fashion designer is to create something that everyone could wear and express themselves through fashion . I have been working as a fashion designer since 2004. The best thing i enjoy about being a fashion designer is to be able to have my creations worn all over the world.

Where do you get your inspirations from? Fashion magazines, been that you have nationwide stores in US, the Middle East and Asia. Do you get your inspiration from this diverse cultures or does the concept just come to you naturally?

I get my inspirations from different cultures. I like the different fabrics, and traditions.

sexy girl in a upscale fashion

What's the difference between a sexy girl in a dress and a girl in a sexy dress?

I think a sexy dress makes every girl feel sexy.

When building up a concept and constructing patterns do you use computer aided designs or your more the traditional pencil sketch designs type?

I do traditional sketching and then draping on the mannequin. I do use computers for grading my sizes.

Do you take full participation in the production process of the clothing piece? Like from the sketch pads to the selection of fabric and colors, to the creation of patterns and cuts and to the final detail?

I am the person who is in charge of overseeing every step of the production process. I create the sketches then create the pattern, correct the
pattern, grade the pattern, and manufacture the dress.

How long does it usually take you to construct a piece?

it takes a few days

What's your favorite part about conceptualizing a design?

i like choosing the fabrics

When your designing a piece what matters to you most?

details are the most important

high fashion models

When it comes to fashion shows, catalog shots and runway gigs which models would you like wearing your designs? And how do you select your models?

I have a specific model i always use for my campaigns. She wears my clothes really well, and she is a great representative of the brand.
Catalog shots and runway i always choose great girls. They have to have
great attitudes and be beautiful people, not just a great face.

You serve a wide range of lush colors and sexy designs; how do you put the choosen colors together?

That takes me a lot of time , i love choosing prints and colors that i feel are timeless.

How do you intend women to feel when wearing your clothing?

I want them to feel special and creative.

What's your philosophy about fashion? And what's your everyday go to look?

My philosohpy about fashion is to create yourself...A great long skirt with a tank top and black heels!

When a woman is looking for something suitable to wear, how should they choose the outfit most suitable for them? And how can they determine the best accessories to go along with the dress?

You choose a dress that fits your body type . always remember that your accessories match your handbag and shoes.

What are the top three vesatile wardrobe piece you believe every woman should own?

They should have a great jacket, black dress, and stillettos!

fashion models

You clothes have been seen on Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Janice Dickinson, your have been featured in Match Magazine, Miami Life magazine. fashion chicago magazine and norminee for SFMA Manufacturer of the year. What should fashionistas and shoppers expect to see more this year from the racks and shelves of Eva Danielle Inc?

I will be moving into Asia, and the Middle East, and expanding into a few more markets.

How can the readers find your collections online? And how can you be contacted?

My website is my contact is

Final word to the readers?

love fashion!

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