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glamour models

We having an Easter specials with the lovely eyecandy, glamour model, hair stylist and actress Latrell Dickinson. Latrell Dickinson who is popularly known as " Lala The Beauty ", is originally from Columbus Georgia. She's fun, easy going, down to earth, professional and reliable. She's very versatile in her poses for photo shoots, I guess the moniker Chameleon fits perfectly cause she easily adapts and creates the concept requested, she is also a very skilled hairstylist and actress. Here is another rising star, stick around cause we got more intriguing tales on the way...

glamour models

UVB: Hi Lala, tell us about yourself? Where you from originally, And what was it like growing up in your neighborhood?

Lala: Born and raised in Columbus, GA. Oldest of 4 children. My neighborhood was like any other neighborhood. I'm still close to everyone I grew up with. They don't see me as LaLa the model or actress. I'm Latrell, the quiet shy girl with the pretty eyes.

UVB: Whats the best trait about you? And how would you describe your personality in three words?

Lala: Girl Next Door!

UVB: Whats the biggest misconception about you?

Lala: That I am arrogant or just some dumb model. I keep them guessing.

UVB: People would be surprised to know that...?

Lala: I am very shy.

UVB: What do you think your best physical feature(s) is? And what physical feature(s) do you like to show off...?

Lala: I love my overall appearance. What God has given me are gifts, therefore; I am grateful. There are some features I dislike, so I know how to enhance them. My eyes are what makes my overall look unique. They change colors, different tones of amber and green often. Its weird but cool.

UVB: Whats one thing you wouldn't be able to go through the day

Lala: Vlassics Original Dill Pickles. I even travel with them.

eyecandy models

UVB: You are a model, actress and hairstylist, how do you work three careers without them having to clash with one another?

Lala: No, I work specific days in the salon and specific days as a model/actress. My schedule in the salon is very flexible. My clients are aware and don't mind if I have to leave short notice. They are very supportive of my new career.

UVB: Ever had a time when two or all three were check listed into the same scheduled day or time for a gig or gigs? And how did you work it out?

Lala: Some gigs have ran over into the next. I always notify them of my schedule in advance that way if I am running late or may not be able to show, they are aware of my busy schedule.

UVB: In between modeling, acting and hairstyling do you have much needed time for yourself? When you not in front of the cameras or working your magic on hair, what do you do to relax or keep yourself busy?

Lala: I enjoy spending time with my family and friends during my down time. Its important to me that I balance both work and family time.

UVB: Whats the sexiest outfit you will wear in public? And whats the first thing a man or woman would compliment you for when you strutting your booty down the streets? What part(s) of your body gets more attention from guys?

Lala: I'm a jeans. tee, and large hoop earrings type girl. Your average girl from the block. My legs and eyes get the most attention.

UVB: Whats the craziest thing a fan has done to try to get your attention?

Lala: I get the usual, flowers, love letters, and marriage proposals. I haven't gotten anything crazy yet.

UVB: Is you single or taken? If taken how does your man handle the drama you get from modeling and acting? And if not whats a thing or two he or she must know about you before planning dates, movie nights or a romantic getaway with you?

Lala: I love the beach. A beach vacation would be the ultimate date.

ebony models

UVB: A man would impress you if...? And whats the simplest thing that can make you happy?

Lala: If I tell you, he will know!

UVB: Laughs, hmm nice one.

UVB: A man would disappoint you if...?

Lala: I've been disappointed a thousand times. Nothing surprises me now.

UVB: In a relationship do you tend to be passive or aggressive?

Lala: I don't think I'm either. I tend to go with the flow. Whatever happens,happens.

UVB: Do you consider yourself a sexual person? When it comes to sex do you like to be in control or taken control of?

Lala: Leaders allow someone else to take charge every once in awhile ;-)

UVB: Bedroom fantasies, turn on and turn offs? And whats your most important rule of bedroom etiquette?

Lala: Make it spontaneous and change things up every once in a while. Don't constantly hit the repeat button.

UVB: Whats your philosophy on love, life, sex and relationships?

Lala: Live Life with no regrets. As far as relationships and love, I haven't figured it out yet.

bikini models

UVB: What was your experience like on your first shoot?

Lala: My first shoot was fun. I didn't know the things I know now, and I'm still learning. One of my most talked about shots was produced from my first shoot. My body wasn't used to holding the poses for such a long time. I was sore for days.

UVB: How long have you been modeling? What was your first big break and do you think that has created a better platform for you as a model?

Lala: I have been modeling for a while on an off. I decided to finally introduce myself fully to the industry last summer. Its been going full throttle since then. I haven't gotten my big break yet, this is just the beginning.

UVB: People tend to believe modeling is all glitz and glam but fail to see the rough patches within, the preparation, networking and ton of work been put to it to get the desired results. Can you tell us and other aspiring models some of the challenges you have encountered and how do you keep your grind on point?

Lala: Patience will be the greatest challenge. Above all else, be polite and always say thank you. I can't stress that enough. Don't give up on your dream. One models market may not be the same for you. Find out what makes you unique and focus on selling just that. Sell your product, no one elses.

UVB: What are some of the things you enjoy most being a model? What are your best experiences so far?

Lala: best experiences is viewing the finished images. I'm always surprised to see the outcome. Till this day, I don't quite believe those are pictures of me.

UVB: What inspired you into acting and hairstyling?

Lala: My inspirations as an actor started when I was in elementary school. My 4th grade teacher must have put on a play every month. I loved the freedom of transformation. In middle school I joined a local company that did stage acts annually in my hometown. Hairstyling has always been apart of me.

UVB: I read on your resume you have been seen on "Blossoms For Clara" movie. For those of us who haven't seen it, can you tell us what the movie is all about? What character did you play in the movie? And what was your experience like on and off stage?

Lala: "Blossoms for Clara" is a short drama SAG film, that was produced by Colossal Film works. It was influenced by the sounds of the great musician Duke Ellington. I was partnered with Brian Greene (Facebook) as a romantic couple in the jazz club. It was a great experience and I worked with some wonderful people. The movie stars Jasmine Guy, Ed Silvera, Dasie Thames and Daniel DiPiazza.

urban vixens

UVB: Whats the best way to tame wild curls? And whats your favorite type of hair to work with?

Lala: Wild curls must have lots of moisture and very light silking oils. I mix my own concoction of silk oil, conditioner and water. Works every time.

UVB: How do you feel hair relates to personal style? And how do you think hair relates to a persons confidence?

Lala: My hair is the cherry on the sundae. If its not what it should be then my look is not complete.

UVB: Which styling tools do you use most often?

Lala: Flat Iron

UVB: Whats your favorite hair product you had recommend to friends, family and clients to use?

Lala: Hands down, Paul Mitchell Products and Frederic Fekkai

UVB: How did you get started in the hair styling world?

Lala: After receiving my first barbie when I was a young child, I knew I wanted to do hair. I was amazed at how a woman's hair could change her appearance.

UVB: Are you a self taught hair stylist or did you attend special classes for it?

Lala: Most was self taught and experimenting. Classes help only if you have the patience to sit through them

glamour models

UVB: How long have you been doing hairstyling professionally?

Lala: After graduating high school

UVB: You have an amazing body build and features do you hit the gym or is black, native American and Indian just the perfect mix of genes?

Lala: I jog 5 days a week. I love to run, have been doing so since I was child.. My workout is a mix of cardio, weight training, yoga, and pilates. I owe my legs to my mother. The eyes, chin, skin tone and whatever else to my great great grandmother who was Caucasian and Native American. My great great grandfather was also Caucasian and African American. I was blessed to have their features pass on to me.

UVB: Some models tend to do breathing exercises before a shoot others just tune into the mood bringing out that sexy-confident and fierce look for the camera and just work the magic. How do you get prepared for a shoot? Do you have sorta like a routine planned out or it just comes to you naturally?

Lala: I prepare and research the photographer weeks in advance to get an idea of his style of shooting. The night before is spent packing last minute stuff. Once shooting begins, I get a feel for what I'm wearing or what the concept is and observe my surrounding. Adapting like a chameleon I become "TheBeauty"

UVB: What other projects have you been apart of? And what other projects do you have in the works that your fans should be on the look out for?

Lala: I have completed several drama films this past year. I am currently working on two horror films that will be released Halloween 2011. A few cameos in music videos and sitcoms as well. "TheBeauty" 2012 calendar is in progress as well as exclusive posters, trading cards, and wallpapers.

UVB: Where can the readers find you online?


Facebook: Lala Dickinson or LaLa TheBeauty Dickinson Fan Page

Twitter: LaLaTheBeauty

UVB: Final words to fans?

Lala: Thanks to everyone who supports my journey. I won't let you down. Thanks to all of those have offered their time and allowed me to grace their magazine, website, camera, and film projects. Special thank goes out to all my networks Freedom Unlimited, Sincere's Ladies Of Sin, ITM Models, Jadore Models Inc, and many others. Last but not least my facebook and twitter family, I Salute You!

UVB: Big ups and thanks for doing this interview with us, It was a fun.


Interview done by Dani Reid

Photos by MD Mason photography, Ken Morrison Photos and Photos by 4-play

For features, interviews and submissions contact us at
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