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hip hop rap models

When i received a model submission for Veeta Venom, if it ain't an established fact yet. Let it be know i go big on music, so seeing she raps too i was ok let see what tha chica gat. Popped in on her profile - She says "music is my passion; when i am rapping do not talk to me because i can never pick up where i left off and thats because i am so into what i'm saying". And i was like thats sick, that got me hooked. So i had hit up her videos to see if she's not just all hiss and no spits. Boy was i wrong, hell this sexy viper does gat venom, her lyrics will totally burn through your soul. Veeta Venom also know as Swalay is an unsigned artist from Maryland. She also models, dances, sings and of course rap. She has performed in Capitol Heights, Washington DC, and New York, she's currently in the studio working on a new mixtape. Keep a look out for this hot new talent bruh ahhh..What nah its not a wrap yet, stick around we just getting started...

First of, what inspired the name veeta venom aka swalay?

Well veeta is half of my first name and I've had photographers tell me my work was poison, so i took it and made "venom" veeta venom & Swalay is my rap name, That i've had for years. My cousin called me that before he passed.

Tell us about yourself? Where you from originally? And what was it like growing up in your neigbhorhood?

I am originally born in Washington DC, But my roots are from San Salvador El Salvador. & I grew up in between MD, DC and VA And it was pretty fun and wild growing up being as though I moved around alot.

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You had a difficult time growing up, how would you say this has influenced your music?

The only problem I had growing up was my mom. & her decisions, and her ways made me stronger, but also gave me a pain to talk about. & it cries to get out when I hear beats.

When your not on stage performing or in the booth recording, what do you do to stay relaxed or busy?

I go for a run around my neighborhood, Hang out with my friends, sometimes write some more music, or book a photoshoot. I tend to have another good talent at keeping myself busy lol

What separates your sound from the other masses of new emcees? How would you describe your style and sound?

I would say i'm just all around different. I'm very unique and soulful. I speak of nothing but true facts and I talk about real life situations that my fans can relate to. My style is the definition of impossible, and my sound is an addiction.

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Who are your biggest artistic influences and why?

Drake; He's a monster on the beats. He uses his words so perfectly and hes very touching with his lyrics.

Drake a monster? Lol definitelly agree with you that one...Your lyrics are very heartfelt and often painful but can definitelly feel the message in there. One of the reasons i fell in love with hip hop was mainly because of the message, which seems to be fading rather quickly, i can't feel that much passion no more lately people all on that party hype shit. Now most artist more about the digits and not really about the lyrics, like drake said "...back when if a nigga reached it was for the weapon nowadays niggas reach just to sell they records". Whats your opinion on that? Do you think its healthy for hip hop?

I think drake hit it on the nose. That's funny to I just answered drake for my last question lol. But Hip hop is definitely not what it used to be. To many of the wrong artists is out here making it, & 3 years later on life after o_O Like you got real raw talent out here willing to do what evers necessary to be big and keep it that way.

Drake a monster? Yeah i can agree on that, he one of my favorite. How important is it to you that your fans can relate to the message in your music?
It is very important too me for my fans to be able to relate to my message in my music, everybody is a book with his story to tell. & i'm not really into being read. I'm more into being figured out.

big booty rap models

Are there any other current female MCs who you're inspired by or you had compare yourself to at the moment?

YES myself.

Lol word i feel you that one, Nicki Minaj's lines just came to my head "Hi, How are you? Yes its nice to meet me.." Which artists would you most like to collaborate with in the future?

I would definitely collaborate with chris brown he's very talented, Drake of course, And Kelly rowland.

As an artist what materials have you put out so far? And whats the reception like on youtube, amazon or itunes?

Well right now I'm in the process of recording my first mixtape and i've been taking my time due to personal reasons. But I have two songs on youtube, And soon to be more. Just stay tuned.

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Which song have you released so far would you say has been the most gratifying for your career?

I did a remake to T-pains Go hard instrumental. And It's called ROLL STRONG on youtube by I VEETAVENOMM

You have performed in Capitol Heights, New York and Washington DC, what was your experience like?

The experience was nice. Very live, and soo much love. There is no Love like New York Love though. Everybody everywhere I've been have showed me #BigLove

What's the most significant component of your performance you bring to each show?

My brother. He's the perfect hype man and great coach.

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Are you working on any projects at the moment? If so, what or who with?

Yes I am actually. I'm recording my first mixtape and Writing my first album. I'm Starting a poster collection of myself & creating a DVD

When it's all said and done how would you like your lyrics to make impact on your fans?

It will touch down hard on everybody. I know and feel that my music will make a difference.

Where can the readers connect with you online to get constant updates, tour dates and downloads?

Everybody can FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER @veetavenomm

For booking, media and press how would can you be contacted?

Final words to fans?


Interview by Dani Reid

Posted by Jessica Floyd
Model Submission @briscoe3stack

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