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The buzz up lately is the release of the EP album The Funeral by Kitami Safiya, The funeral "Laying love to rest" was produced by Mike Mayhem and Touch Tone. Engineered by Kay'vion of Indieking studio's. But before i get ahead of myself lets get to know the singer...

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Kitami Safiya is native of Queens, born and bred in New york with a blend of British and Jamacian roots. And attended Jackson Magnet High School in Cambria Heights where she studied art, she began singing and performing at a very early age. Kitami wrote her first song entitled “Time” at age 5. At age 9, she founded “Paradyce”, an all girl R&B group that toured the US, UK. Kitami gained critical acclaim as the songwriting force behind the group, penning the lyrics and arranging the melodies, vocals and harmonies of most of their much loved songs and for co-writing the intro for Hot 97’s DJ Jazzy Joyce’s Friday night radio show which aired during 2006. She also co-wrote the hook on DMX’s song “Dog Love” which was performed by Amerie on his “Year of the Dog, Again” album released in 2006 and appeared at the Apollo. Kitami was also blessed with the opportunity to present some of her works to Ms. Kelly Rowland for consideration for her recently released album. Although Paradyce disbanded in early 2007, Kitami has not slowed down for one second.

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Becoming a solo artist was never really a dream of hers, but she never gave up, strapped with her passion for music and determination to see it through. And equipped with an armed team of new producers, a new confidence, a new vision, a fresh new sound and a catalog of brand new blazin’ hot songs just waiting to be heard, Kitami is hard at work and ready to burst out onto the music scene! I guess you could say a life without music was definitely not an option for her, Kitami aspires to be the female Ne-yo or the new generation Smokey Robinson the-go-to girl for hot new songs for established and up-and-coming artists who are looking for quality material.

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From hip hop/R&B to earthy neo-soul. From club bangers to sultry, grown & sexy ballads. From catchy hooks to soaring anthems and from jingles to movie soundtracks. Kitami Safiya is truly a one-stop shop. In addition to being a fierce writer, Kitami Safiya is also a gifted author, artist, designer, actress and model—so look out ‘cause here she comes!!!

Kitami Safiya

The Funeral EP Album is out and you can listen to songs like Funeral for love, come around, love my love, Shady featuring Mic Matayo, infatuation and i've let you go... and you can download them on

the funeral album

Click on the image to download the tracks, see more of Kitami's photos

glamour models

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Kitami Thompson

And here is a video clip for Kitami's Music video Shady...enjoy

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Photos courtesy of Candace Thompson

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