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glamour models

Hey Peeps its thongthursday exclusives, we in the beach and guess who is rocking it with us today...its none other than the lovely Eyecandy dimepiece Markesa Yeager. Markesa Yeager is not just only a model but also specializes in make up artistry and hair styling, the make up and hair styles you are going to be seen on our spread sheet is all gone by Markesa, The fun doesn't end here so get on your sunscreen, bikinis and swimwear and come see the many more adventures...

glamour models

UVB: Hi, tell us about yourself? Where you from originally? And what was it like growing up in your neighborhood?

Markesa: I'm from Saginaw, Michigan. It's a smaller town.. Everyone knows everyone there. I love Saginaw. It will always be home to me.. You can find some of the most beautiful women and the most down to earth people there. I'll always represent for my town..

UVB: My best trait is...?

Markesa: I think my best trait would have to be my sense of humor. I love a good laugh and love to make others laugh.

UVB: The biggest misconception about me is...?

Markesa: The biggest misconception about me is that I am a bitch. I am very considerate of others' feelings and I carry my heart on my sleeve. I go out of my way to make those around me happy and that's one of the most important things to me.

eyecandy models

UVB: People would be surprised to know that...?

Markesa: Some people would be surprised to know that I am an identical twin and have twin brothers as well :)

UVB: I think my best physical feature is...?

Markesa: I think my best physical feature are my eyes.

UVB: Physical feature i like to show off is...?

Markesa: I'd have to say I show my big booty off a lot. It's pretty well known for it's size!

bikini models

UVB: Whats the first thing men or women compliment you for when you strutting your booty down the streets? What parts of your body gets more attention from guys?

Markesa: My booty definitely gets the most attention from men.

UVB: The sexiest outfit i will wear in public is...?

Markesa: I am a dress girl... When I'm out on the town, I show a little skin but I keep it pretty classy.. Gotta save the goods for that special someone. :)

UVB: Whats the craziest thing a fan has done to try to get your attention?

Markesa: I once had a fan come up to me at an event I hosted and begged me to kiss his leg so he could get it tattooed on him.. I was a little creeped out to say the least.

bikini babes

UVB: A thing or two you need to know before taking me out on a date is...?

Markesa: Don't try too hard to impress me. I don't like a man because of his career, car, or or social status.. I've got my own thing going..

UVB: A man will impress me if...?

Markesa: A man who makes me feel safe will impress me. By "safe" I mean that he won't let anything bad or negative come into my life and will take care of me by being protective.. On an emotional level.

UVB: A man will disappoint me if...?

Markesa: A man with no ambition or goals disappoint me. SOmething about a man who knows exactly what he wants out of life is absolutely the sexiest thing in my eyes!

exotic vixens

UVB: The simplest thing you can do to make me happy is...?

Markesa: I'm so easily impressed. I'm quite a simple girl.. But I love when a guy compliments me on my inner beauty.

UVB: My philosophy of love and sex is...?

Markesa: Love is just something I try to surround my entire life with. Love is everything to me.. It's the best feeling to be loved and to love someone whether it's romantic, a friendship, or family. I have so much to give and want so much in return. It's truly what makes me tick. Sex... it's not something I would ever just give to anyone. Sex is something that I think should only be given to someone you care for.. If you go around having sex with multiple people, it doesn't seem as special for the ones you actually have feelings for. Besides, you have to make someone work for it otherwise they get bored.

UVB: Is you single or taken? If taken how does your man handle the drama you get from modeling? And if not how would you react supposing you was dating someone who couldn't deal with all that?

Markesa: I wouldn't be able to date someone who could not deal with my modeling. It's not only a job for me.. it's my passion. I understand a lot of men couldn't handle their women doing this.. which is understandable.. I just couldn't date one of them.

lingerie models

UVB: When am not posing for the camera or working the sets, i keep myself busy doing...?

Markesa: I stay pretty busy with modeling.. I'm also a makeup artist. I have worked on the other side of the model and that's a lot of fun too!

UVB: Do you consider yourself a sexual person, and when it comes to sex do you like to be in control or taken control of?

Markesa: I am a sexual person when I have a connection with someone. I like being taken control of.. It really turns me on when I get thrown around!

UVB: Bedroom fantasies, turn on and turn offs? Whats your most important rule(s) of
bedroom etiquette?

Markesa: Turn ons in the bedroom... NOTHING beats waking up in the middle of the night to being touched!! When I have a man, there are NO rules.

glamour models

UVB: How did you get started in the modeling industry? What was your experience like on your first shoot?

Markesa: I used to live in Fort Lauderdale, FLA and I had a buddy out there who is a phenomenal photographer. He asked me to do a couple shoots with him and I started to learn the business from him. My first shoot was a little awkward. Nothing a glass of wine couldn't settle. LOL

UVB: People tend to think modeling is all too easy and perfect. But fail to recognize the amount of time put into networking, preparation and the hardwork put in structure to create a perfect portfolio. Can you tell us and other aspiring models some of the challenges you have come across. And can you tell us how you keep your grind on point?

Markesa: Ya know a lot of people have this misconception that modeling is so easy and glamorous.. In all actuality it isn't all it's cracked up to be! it's a lot of work. You have to constantly be networking yourself and keep up with doing shoots and promotions. You have to sell yourself as a product. Buyers want versatility.. So you have to constantly be keeping up on your port and being able to change your look is golden. Getting to know every person you can in the business who can help you out in furthering your career is also key! Sometimes it's just about who you know.

UVB: How long have you been modeling? What was your first big break? And do you think that has accelerated your career as a model?

Markesa: I have been modeling full time about 5 years now. My first biggest break was working with Playboy.. That definitely accelerated my career but also made it hard to get into other areas of the business.. You take your clothes off and it's harder to get into different realms of the business.

markesa yeager

UVB: Some models tone up their mood to look fierce and sexy for the camera. Some others watch what they eat before a shoot. How do you get ready for a big shoot? Is there a special ritual you have?

Markesa: I like to meditate.. Clear my mind of all stress so I can completely focus on the job. Of course no pizza or pop a week before shoots as well :)

UVB: You have been seen on American curves magazine, backstreet choppers magazine, bust out babe magazine, penthouse magazine, playboy magazine, featured on dynasty series just to mention a few. What other projects should your fans be on a look out for?

Markesa: I have a few things in the works right now including a huge lingerie campaign.. This will definitely be a big transition in my modeling career that will eventually lead to amazing things. I'm so fortunate to have this coming up because it can be a life changing experience!

UVB: Where can the readers find you online?

Markesa: I have a brand new facebook fan page!/pages/Markesa-Yeager-Fan-Page/157851357605198 and also a website of my own under construction until mid April.

UVB: Final word to fans?

Markesa: I just wanna thank anyone who has ever supported what I do and I'm trying my hardest to get lots of good stuff out there for everyone to enjoy :) Tee hee hee!

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Interview by Dani Reid

Default Photo by Josh Ryan

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