Monday, September 10, 2012

UVM | Erica Marie Rocks Urban Vixenz Mag Cover

Bad Girl Club's Erica Marie

Summa Yall think been a bad bitch all about talking shit all day on twitter and acting a fool on facebook. Nah Girl you ain't about that life. To be a bad bitch is about being constantly on your grind and stay winning that what bad been about. We had the privilege of having a talk off with Bad Girl's Club Red head hustler Erica Marie.

she talked about her childhood, growing up in the projects with a single mom who worked two jobs. We talked about life, her beliefs and she believes a hustler is someone who doesn't wait for it. She went on to say scared money don't make money, and being a go getter is a person who won't settle for less and aims for more in life. And she's all about that and even more.

During the course of our interview with her, when asked - When did you get started with the entertainment industry? Her response was " Well i was actually dared by some friends of mine to audition for BGC i never thought i'd get picked but then i was like fuck it i'll give it a try, it was crazy seeing myself on TV for the first time but i must admit it was an opportunity of a lifetime that not too many people get. So now i'm just using it as a stepping stone to show my talents. I have my own female sports watch line out right now called "The Bella" which is on and i also have my new single turn it up yeah available on so i'm just letting the world see that i'm more then just a bad girl i'm a business women with a brand who smart enough to take my experience in the entertainment industry to another level"

We also got a lil naughty, and did a lil sex talk. She got to tell us she's definitely a very sexual person, and loves being in her own skin and loves feeling like a women with power who understands her sexuality very well. I am very passionate when i'm with someone. I like to try new things and i'm not afraid to be sexy.

We went on forward to ask - What's your sexy game like, what would the scene play out like, would it be more in terms of a domina dominating her sub with the reverse cow girl position while he or she has been chained, whipped, cuffed up and candle waxed or would it be more of the scenario of you laying back with chocolate cream and strawberry dressing over your body and him licking all over your body while taking his dominance?

She responded saying " I'm more of a dominant person in bed. I like to take control of the situation and i do everything i can to please my partner when we are having sex. Each time i do it as if it was the last time we were going to be intimate. I like to handcuff my partner to the bed, dance on em for a while and then blindfold them while i start working my magic. I go slow and make it last and if he's a real good boy i'll bring out a special guest then all 3 of us will have some fun lol.

We had a lot more cray moments, check 'Em out, click here to see more.

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