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Hi folks today we going to introduce you to the insanely beautiful model Elyse Saucey from West Covina CA, this hot smoking ace is also into styles and make up artistry. She's made lots of video appearances on music videos, one of her recents works Ice cube's You know me...coming soon be on the look out. Esaucey is currently the hottest thing on the net now, we caught up with her. Just could resist catching up with her to get some of that heat and took some minutes to do a little Q&A and here is what she had to say...

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UVB: Tell us about yourself? Where you from orginally? And what was it like growing up in your neighborhood?

Esaucey: Hello world. My name is Elyse Saucey. I Model, Style, Mua, Creative Direct etc. Get to know me. I'm from West Covina, CA. Growing up here has been awesome. Its always been pretty safe and not too crazy.

UVB: What inspired you into modeling? How did you get started in the urban modeling industry?

Esaucey: Actually a friend of mine suggested that I enter into his modeling contest and I ended up winning. That was the beginning of my modeling career. He helped me get started and figuring out what i wanted to do. Thanks Ced!!!!

UVB: How long have you been modeling? What has been your biggest eye opener since you came into the industry?

Esaucey: I've been really hustling the past 2years and so far so good. I know its a lot of hard work and effort but i'm always willing to work hard for something that I want. I always get what I want!!! Nothing is ever set in stone unless you have a time address and date otherwise its probably not going to happen. lol.

UVB : People tend to believe modeling is all about taking pics and getting published, but never really know the preparation and work put into it. Can you tell us some of the challenges you have come across?

Esaucey: Definitely a lot more than taking pictures and getting published. There's so much preparation for deciding on a concept. Then you have to work out the wardrobe and the hair and makeup. What color your nail polish should be etc. So many little things that you have to look into. There are shady photographers and businesses always trying to just get a picture of a pretty girl but don't really know what they're doing.

sexy glamour models

UVB: Whats one thing you can't go through the day without?

Esaucey: Multiple bottles of water. Water is delicious and refreshing. It also gives me nice skin and rehydrates me throughout my busy days.

UVB: When you not in front of the cameras working the set, what do you do?

Esaucey: I also work for starbucks.. woo hoo.. I love it there and it keeps me sane. And i'm also a student. So i have a pretty full plate most of the time but someone has to do it.

UVB: Whats the first impression/thing men or women compliment you for when you strutting your beautiful behind down the street? What part of your body do men compliment the most?

Esaucey: I wouldn't say it's a part of my body but most people love my crazy over the top curly hair. As for body part men tend to like my derriere and my legs.

UVB: Suppose i was trying to get your attention, what part of your body should i compliment the most?

Esaucey: I love my eyes. They're kind of slanted and are kind of an amber color. They're a little different but the feature I love the most.

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UVB: Whats the most special thing a guy has done to try to win you over?

Esaucey: I had one day where I didn't have to do not one thing. He basically catered to my every move. I was showered with gifts and all that other good stuff. It was nice to relax and be appreciated. I didn't even need all of the extra stuff.

UVB: Truth or dare, which would you rather get down with a thug? nerd? or just a regular joe?

Esaucey: Decisions, decisions i may have to say thug, only because sometimes I like the man to be in control.

UVB: What features do you find attractive in a guy? What turns you on and off?

Esaucey: I love a mans smile, teeth and eyes. That's the first thing i look at. Oh and the shoes, They have to be clean. Turn offs: bad breath, ugly teeth, a bad haircut, and dirty shoes. Not much to it. lol.

UVB: What are your guilty pleasures you can't live without?

Esaucey: I love doughnuts @ 3am. Not to mention I just love to eat in general.

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UVB: Is you single or taken? If taken how does your man handle the drama you get from modeling? If not how would react supposing you was dating someone who couldn't handle all that?

Esaucey: I am taken. He supports me in all that I do just as anyone should. And if u let the drama get to you it will if not handle it well and everything should be fine. I try not to surround myself with drama and i do it well.

UVB: Got an awesome body and killah curves, tell me do you hit the gym or is just the genes?

Esaucey: uhhhh.. lol. i'm horrible at going to the gym but once i'm there i love it. I do my own little routine at home to keep the stomach flat and the booty tight. Not to mention eating right and drinking lots of water take a big part in that.

UVB : Some athletes do breathing exercises before the big game, some people take a 5 hour energy drink before the meeting. How do you get ready for a big shoot? Is there a special ritual you have?

Esaucey: I don't do anything special but switch into Model mode. I just turn on the sexy. I'm really a goofy nerdy crazy person so when it comes to the shoot I have to turn some of that off and throw on the sexy.

UVB: Would you be opened to do playboy, hustler mag and penthouse pet nude style shoots?

Esaucey: I would only do PLAYBOY. Just because of the name and brand. I don't think I could turn down Hef

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UVB: What projects have you been a part of? And what should your fans look out for this year?

Esaucey: I've done numerous shoots, fashion shows, clothing lines etc. The most recent was a feature in Ice cubes new video "You Know Me" look out for that.. I'm coming hard this year so be on the lookout...

UVB: Where can the readers and your fans find you online?



UVB: Final word to fans?

Esaucey: Love me or hate me but i love you!!!!.. thank you for all the support and always keep it SAUCEY!!!! "I'm so in control... Im outta control...." -E.Saucey.
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