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Urban Vixenz Blogzine features JOANNA AKA ENERGY. Energy is the life of the party at any scene, always bubbly with energy to inspire people around her. She is also a great help to young offenders giving them another chance to still achieve their dreams and gain qualifications. Energy have also made video appearances with a few of UK Finest Lil Beats, Wiley, J2K, Ice Kid, Wrigley, Ghetts, Scorcher, Bashy, Chipmunk, Griminal, Wretch 32; Mashtown and be on the look for her on a music video coming soon by Krept Tally and Konan feat Funky Dee. We caught up with this Persian Beauty and took a minute to ask her some questions...

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UVB: Tell us about yourself? Where are you from originally? And what was it like growing up in your neighbourhood?

ENERGY: My name is Energy, I am from Beckenham which is just outside of London. My family background is Egyptian, Persian and Cypriot which has given me an exotic look and natural honey colour skin. The neighbourhood I grew up in is very quiet, most of the people were either 50 plus or families with young children. I suppose this made me come out of my shell and become Energy full of colour as well as being very lively. I would spend most of my time hanging out in Brixton where my grandparents live, I love the area as its consistently awake, full of fun and action.

UVB: What inspired you into modeling? How did you get started in the urban modeling industry?

ENERGY: I actually started off as an Actress due to studying Performing Arts and doing small theatre productions and television work here and there as acting is main ambition. One day I received a message on my Myspace around two and half years ago from a lovely artist/producer/director called Nikki Nitro she explained that she was shooting several videos for several artist and her own one and if I'd like to be featured in the video. I just thought why not as I love being in front of the camera. She then spoke to me about setting up a portfolio to get myself out there and let people know about me. From then on I suppose I've just fallen within the urban industry due to my look and curves. I would like to go into other fields such as Ink magazine's and the Punk/Rock field as I feel my look is very diverse.

UVB: How long have you been modeling? What has been your biggest eye opener so far since you came into the industry?

ENERGY: I have been modeling for two years now, I would say to be wary of people as there are alot of people in the industry that either like to put you down, lie or stab you in the back. To keep your head up and stay focused. Realising that commercial artist in the UK still don't like to use curvy girls or girls of colour, they are still using girls that are dress size between 0-small 12 that all look the same. Which I feel is no good they need to show the world that the UK has all different types of girls of all sizes and colours as we are all unique. That is why I love my hood artist out here they are always real and love girls like myself.

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UVB: What was your first big break? What was the experience like?

ENERGY: I would say from being featured on The Streetz Incarcerated Vol 4 DVD people starting to recognise me even more. The DVD is basically a Hip Hop DVD goes behind the scenes of video sets, along with interviews with artists, and has videos on there too. The DVD had such artist on there such as 50 cent, Giggs, Wiley and many more. To be featured on this DVD in a music video people where I was the only female was an achievement for me as people started to notice me even more and know that I am serious in what I do. I started to get more video work from this which was good, but I also turned down alot of video work as I don't want to be known as a video girl.

UVB: Whats one thing you can't go through the day without?

ENERGY: My Blackberry, I'm always on there pinging away or tweeting. I actually feel lost without it, I know its sad. LOL

UVB: Lots of people thinks being a model is all glits and glams, and never know the work that is been put into it. Can you tell us some of your major challenges that you have come across?

ENERGY: I wouldn't say Ive come across any major challenges yet, I would like to though. The only downfall is doing photo shoots/video shoots in the freezing cold in little clothing, being there from anything for 2 hours up to 10, obviously with a break here and there but you end up not being able to feel your body after a while which is a horrible feeling. I did a shoot with a tarantula which I loved and luckily they do not scare me.

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UVB: When you not in front of the cameras, lights and actions...what do you do?

ENERGY: I work with young offenders/excluded 15-16 year old in a pupil referral unit, which is a specialist school giving them another chance to still achieve and gain qualifications. I do Media with them, I love working and talking with them, seeing their out-take to society and helping the young people in succeeding in their education so they can further this within college. I also love spending time with my family, I'm a very homely person.

UVB: Whats the first impression/thing men or women compliment you for when you strutting your beautiful behind down the streets? What part of your body do men compliment the most?

ENERGY: I always get compliment on my eyes, I'm told they are dreamy. And my shape I'm always told that my body looks strong.

UVB: Suppose I was trying to get your attention, what part of your body should I compliment more?

ENERGY: Hhhmmm, that's a good question, I would say my bum as I actually want more and hate what I have. Would love my bum to be like Buffie the body.

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UVB: Whats the most special thing that a guy has done to try to win you over?

ENERGY: One sweet guy from OC offered to fly me over and pay for all my expenses just so he could meet me, I didn't go through with it as I'm very wary of people. But that's the sweetest thing anyone has offered to do for me. Other then that I attract stingy men :(

UVB: Truth or dare, where's the most craziest place you have hooked up with a guy?

ENERGY: At the moment I can't even think of meeting anyone in a crazy place, I'm actually very shy and boring :( Don't let my looks fool you.

UVB: What features do you find attractive in a guy? What turns you on and off?

ENERGY: I find guys over 6ft tall who are dark skinned, slim and have hair a major turn on, oh and they have to have good teeth. That are doing something with themselves and have alot of respect for women. Turn off's are poor personal hygiene, and sit at home all day doing nothing.

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UVB: What are your guilty pleasures you can't live without?

ENERGY: I can't live without chocolate, any is fine I have to have it several times a day

UVB: Are you single or taken? If taken how does your man handle the attention you get from modeling? And if not how would you react supposing you were with someone who couldn't deal with all that?

ENERGY: I am currently single, I've been single for nearly 5 months. If my partner couldn't deal with the fact that I do modeling, I would invite him to a shoot I was doing so he could see what is involved and show him that its part of my job. To sit and talk and hear his views. If he was still unhappy that I do it and he met me knowing that I do this, then I would have to end it as I am not changing he has to accept what I do.

UVB: You got some amazing measurements and curves in all the right places. Do you hit the gym? What do you do in the gym to sculpt your figure?

ENERGY: Thank you, I only go to the gym twice a week and mainly do the leg press machine and squats. To tone my upper body and stomach, I do pole dancing as a fitness not as a living. Its a great exercise to do, ladies should really give it a go.

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UVB: Some athletes do breathing exercises before the big game, some people take a 5 hour energy drink before the meeting, how do you get ready for a big shoot? Is there a special ritual you have?

ENERGY: I make sure I don't eat any carbs, as this can bloat you and I hate looking bloated for a shoot, I always make sure I have alot of chocolate with me as the sugar gives me a buzz.

UVB: Word on the street is you gonna be presenting a new show on Sky Tv which would be aired in 2011. Can will get a few peeks of what the show is going to be about?

ENERGY: Finger's crossed hun.
Started filming for the show the last few months of 2010, its still under wraps and being edited, at the moment I can't really give anything away.

UVB: Wow you've been hitting big on the screens with video appearances on music videos such as Take a picture by Ashley Ft lil Beats, She like to by Wiley Ft J2k, Ice Kid, Wrigley, Ghetts, Scorcher, Bashy, Chipmunk, Griminal, Wretch 32; Between us by Mashtown Ft Wiley just to mention a few. Which of them did you find most entertaining? What was the experience like on and off set?

ENERGY: The "She likes to medley" was a great experience as so many well known UK artist were on the track, meeting them and mingling with the girls was also great. Everyone was so friendly which sometimes is rare at a shoot as you usually get one or two bitches. On set of this shoot it was very professional and the director knew what he wanted, this is always handy as time didn't drag on as much.
The most entertaining one was "The Between Us" shoot, as alot of negative things happened which ended with the shoot ending early, due to stupidness occurring, girls as young as 16 was there which I find disgusting as they shouldn't be doing this kind of work so young especially when they look 14.

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UVB: What other projects have you been a part of?

ENERGY: Was featured in Zen Magazine which is an African Magazine as one of the top 10 hottest models from Africa. This was such a great achievement for me as I want to be world wide and known. The most recent video shoot I done was for Krept Tally and Konan feat Funky Dee which should be out soon, was one of the best videos shoots I have done very professional, fun and the girls were all lovely.

UVB: Would you be open to do shoots for Playboy or Penthouse pets?

ENERGY: I would love to have a spread in Playboy as I've loved that magazine and Hugh Heffner from a teenager and would also love the opportunity to be in King and Ink Magazine.

UVB: What should your fans be expecting in 2011?

ENERGY: Alot more raunchier shoots, hopefully more editorial work and defiantly more television work

UVB: Where can you be found online

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  1. Love the interview, well done Energy
    Hope to see alot more of you this year, still can't believe your from the UK, you have a very American look to you. Very sexy.


  2. Need more models like this representing the UK, keep it up girl and may you go far.

  3. you just plain fat dont look sexy get a life you will never make it modeling